Joe Biden asked if Hillary is “100 percent ethical,” his answer speaks VOLUMES

Vice President Joe Biden isn’t exactly known for being quick-witted and sure-footed when encountering the media.

In fact, his primary claim to fame isn’t being the vice president, but more or less being Obama’s “impeachment insurance,” as he’s more well-known for his uncomfortable closeness with members of the opposite sex, like Defense Secretary Ashton Carter’s wife for example, than being politically savvy.

Well, as if there weren’t enough cringe-worthy moments in Biden’s political career, he just added another to the list by giving the absolute worst non-answer to a question ever.

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Kasie Hunt of MSNBC asked whether Biden thought Hillary Clinton has been “100 percent ethical,” in light of the pay-to-play accusations aimed at the Clinton Foundation.

Transcript via Breitbart:

HUNT: Hillary Clinton obviously is not on the trail. You’re here in Ohio. Do you think she needs to be out front with the American people a little bit more?

BIDEN: She is out front with the American people.

HUNT: She’s been fund-raising for a couple weeks.

BIDEN: She has to, but she’s also been doing a lot of events and I told her I’d campaign with her in Scranton. We got a whole bunch of places we’re campaigning together and some places where maybe I can help and not have her have to be with me.

HUNT: Do you think Americans should be concerned at all about the ethics of The Clinton Foundation? Has The Clinton Foundation always been 100 percent ethical in your view?’

BIDEN: I think The Clinton Foundation, like all foundations, have found themselves in a position where things are changing and I think she’s going to change, adjust to the realities of how complicated it’s all become.

HUNT: Is she clearing herself up enough with that? Should the foundation have stopped taking foreign donations now?

BIDEN: I think you’ll stop seeing them taking foreign donations.

Talk about doing your best to avoid actually answering the question.

There’s enough evidence floating around about both Hillary and the Clinton Foundation to clearly illustrate the Democratic presidential nominee is corrupt to the core.

Whether its accepting donations in exchange for political favors, covering up a terrorist attack for political gain or blatantly lying to the American people and the FBI, there’s ample proof in existence to demonstrate Hillary Clinton is the last person on earth who should be in the Oval Office with access to nuclear codes.

One thing’s for sure, Biden isn’t helping boost public confidence in the Obama-endorsed nominee, but perhaps that’s because there’s nothing really positive he can say about her?

After all, it doesn’t seem a single leftist can name even one accomplishment from Clinton’s lengthy political career.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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