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Just the other day, the Obama administration met its goal of bringing in 10,000 refugees from Syria. Another goal was met of bringing in 85,000 refugees from other parts of the world; however, the refugees from Syria have been the primary subject of controversy, given concerns over terrorists slipping through the cracks.

The number of refugees we’ve welcomed are a drop in the bucket when it comes to the total number of refugees from the Middle East fleeing ISIS. I (Matt Palumbo) think few would deny these refugees fleeing ISIS are genuinely in need. However, we should look for the most efficient way possible to help them, rather than simply try to virtue signal to the rest of the world how tolerant and welcoming we are.

Europe’s experiment in mass-refugee resettlement has shown a lack of assimilation into Western culture. And why would we expect more anyway, when they’re settling in Europe not because they want to live there, but because they’re fleeing war? Wouldn’t it make more sense for other Muslim countries to welcome them in, for the purpose of social cohesion if nothing else?

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But alas, the five wealthiest Muslim nations haven’t welcomed in a single refugee. Had they done so, they could help many more people than we could ever hope to, considering the difference in costs of resettling a refugee in America vs. the Middle East.

Here’s the shocking truth about how inefficient it is for us to bring refugees here, as compared with settling them in their own neck of the globe.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, it costs $12,874 to resettle a Middle Eastern refugee in the U.S., but only $1,057 to resettle one in the Middle East. In other words, we could’ve taken one tenth of the money allocated for the 10,000 refugees we brought in, sent a check of that amount to a willing Middle Eastern country, and helped the exact number of people.

If we’re going to help refugees, why not do so at one tenth the cost, without any of the risks — not to mention allow the refugees themselves to integrate into a culture that feels more like home?

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]
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