There’s one thing about our Olympics team NO ONE will discuss…so I will

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Well, the 2016 Summer Olympic Games are over and the U.S. completely dominated the final medal count overall. In my assessment, the Olympics kinda ended with a whimper, as the focus became the foolish scandal surrounding Ryan Lochte. But as I was watching the Olympics, and paying attention to some changes in our Department of Defense policy, I must ask a question and seek your thoughts, perspectives and insights. Now that Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, an Obama figurehead, declared all combat duty positions open to females in the U.S. military, I just have to ask: why do we still have male-female separate sports teams?

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, issued a directive, shared here, that there will no longer be gender-biased duty descriptions; everything is gender neutral. You know, no more infantrymen or artillerymen…even no more corpsman. I tend to believe Barack Obama appreciated that since he had issues pronouncing the last one.

So if, when it comes to our national security where progressive socialists don’t recognize gender differences, why then is it the case in sports? I mean do we really need NBA and WNBA? Why not just have a single National Basketball Association where everyone gets to try out, male or female. I mean c’mon, if the Secretary of Defense of the United States of America can declare all duty positions in the U.S. military open to females — and Miss USA 2016, Deshauna Barber, an Army logistics officer, can declare women are just as capable as men in combat — why have separate teams?

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I know y’all believe there’s no reason to have men’s and women’s beach volleyball. We should just have beach volleyball, aren’t you progressive socialists supportive of volleyball equality? Hey, seems to me just having one U.S. soccer league would be economical and actually, many may want to see the women take the field anyway — they win more. Why is there a PGA and an LPGA, since we’ve told the Marines that females can attend Marine Raider training, a grueling nine-month course.

Doggone, we just had two females graduate the U.S. Army Ranger School — although it seems there was a general walking their patrol evaluation lanes. And we even now have the first U.S. Army infantry officer — you know, an infantryperson, can’t say the other word because there’s no gender separation.

We now have female midship-persons signing up for U.S. Navy SEAL training — so why not have females join the National Football League, and why is there a gender separation in rugby? The left is telling us that “anything you can do I can do better” and gender plays no part. So why separations for wrestling, boxing, or even better UFC or MMA? I mean if women must be in the Rangers, then Rhonda Rousey can certainly step into the ring with a fella. Heck, the Olympics could be held in one week if we got rid of gender separations, can’t women run just as fast, or do the same gymnastics routines, like the rings? Why can’t men and women compete against each other in downhill skiing? And I’d bet money to see Katie Ledecky race Michael Phelps – it’s just swimming after all, and I’m sure since women will be entering SEAL training, gender neutral competitions are fine.

Ok, I think y’all have your thinking caps on now. I’d like to believe our national security is more important than sports. But in the progressive social egalitarian mind that’s not the case, so an ideological agenda is more vital than our defense.

Funny, the Americans won all those medals by being better. It was a system purely based on a meritocracy and there is an admission that men and women are separate in the field of athletic competition.

Now look, I’ve never played golf, so Michelle Wie would spank my butt on the links — but if I learned how to drive the ball, could I possibly beat her? Sure, Ms. Wie could take steroids and become a 5’9″ 220 pound female but it wouldn’t be pretty, and steroid usage is illegal. And those substances are also illegal in the U.S. military.

But now I suppose we no longer need gender separations when it comes to bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter has declared that women can certainly do a fireman’s carry with a 250-pound comrade wearing full gear in a combat situation. Or will the standards be adjusted to ensure fairness?

I know, some of y’all are saying, c’mon, why didn’t you just enjoy the Olympics and the spirit of competition and the triumph of our athletes. And my reply is I certainly did. However, I would enjoy the U.S. defeating the enemy even more. I would enjoy seeing our military trained hard, tough, and ready to be able to take the field of battle and triumph over our enemy. I want to see our men in combat receive the ultimate “gold medal” — the surrender of our adversary, their complete obliteration and capitulation, driving them from the battlefield by routing them. I want to see America stand on the real platform, one where we restore the maxim of “peace through strength.”

I love seeing our athletes stand, with hand over heart, gold medal around their neck, and our National Anthem playing. But I know there’s one simple statement, attributed to George Orwell, that enables those Olympic athletes to take that stand, “We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.”

So, if there is gender separation in professional sports which is all about merit, not “participation,” then why must we have “gender neutrality” when it comes to the profession of combat arms? I suppose the next Olympics we’ll have men and women competing in judo…

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