Media bias EXPOSED after coverage of Olympic swimmers…

It’s no secret the mainstream media networks in America are rotten and corrupt to the core, bending over backwards to cover the backsides of progressive politicians and liberal elitists in order to ensure their overlords aren’t held accountable for their actions.

The latest example of media bias comes from the fact that major news outlets have dedicated an absolutely mind-blowing amount of time to the whole Olympic swimmer robbery scandal and have all but ignored the fact President Obama paid Iran a ransom for prisoners.

According to Truth Revolt, According to an analysis by Newsbusters, the “Big Three” networks devoted six times more coverage to Ryan Lochte and the Olympic Swimmers who lied about being robbed at gunpoint than they did the revelation that Obama paid $400 million ransom to the Islamic regime. Of the networks, Newsbusters writes:

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Combined they gave the story two minutes, one second on their evening news programs. In stark contrast, the networks gave a whopping 13 minutes, 33 seconds to the lies told by the members of the U.S. Olympic swim team.

New details also broke Thursday in the story of Ryan Lochte’s tale of being robbed at gun point by men disguised as Brazilian police. It came out that Lochte had lied, and in reality him and some other swimmers had gotten drunk, vandalized a gas station bathroom, and were questioned by an officer. Now he and the swimmers he was with are facing possible prosecution in Brazil for lying to authorities.

ABC spent nearly six entire minutes covering the Olympic swimmers and gave Obama’s ransom payment to Iran an abysmal 25 seconds total!

NBC was on par with ABC according to Newsbusters’s analysis, spending five minutes and 20 seconds on Lochte and a mere 28 seconds total on the Iran ransom payment bombshell.

It should be noted that network news’ segment-times operate like dog years, and five or six minutes is considered extensive coverage.

For the record, part of the 28 seconds NBC dedicated to the Iran debacle was spent defending the administration.

Col. Allen B. West had this to say about the mainstream media in a story earlier this week:

The problem we face in America is that these damn progressive socialists face no consequences for their nefarious, corrupt and deceitful actions. The problem is, they can act with utter impunity because they have an army of corrupt media accomplices so willing to shield them. Just tune into ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and PBS for the rest of the week and see what their top story is over the next 72 hours. And trust me, as we head into Labor Day, this story will not survive to next week Monday. That is the true shame in America.

If this were a Republican president, this story would be all over, front page of every newspaper — but once again, it will be touted as much ado about nothing…just another right-wing nut conspiracy. Funny, when it was President Ronald Reagan and the issue was Iran-Contra well, y’all get the point.

Another great example to pull from regarding the insanity of the liberal bias in our media comes in the form of Obama not visiting Louisiana in the wake of deadly flooding. Rather than do his duty to provide help, aid, and support to the citizens experiencing this disaster, he’s off playing golf.

Yet, strangely, the media is nowhere to be found. Silent as the grave.

Remember when President George W. Bush flew over New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina rather than landing there to survey the damage? The media ate the man alive.

How’s that for hypocrisy?

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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