OOPS: Hillary campaign on DEFENSE after Kaine quote from 2002 surfaces…

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It wasn’t just congressional Republicans who wanted Bill Clinton out of office during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

As The Daily Beast’s Betsy Woodruff discovered, Tim Kaine voiced his opinion on the whole ordeal back in 2002, and Hillary Clinton won’t like it. Kaine told the press that Bill’s behavior should’ve resulted in his resignation from public office — and that he should’ve resigned back in 1997. Woodruff reports:

Kaine’s remark—reported 14 years ago in the Richmond Times-Dispatch in the aftermath of a state-level sex scandal—hasn’t drawn any attention thus far in the 2016 presidential cycle. But it suggests Hillary Clinton’s running mate at one point harbored reservations about the integrity of the man poised to become the country’s first first gentleman.

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Kaine commented on the Lewinsky scandal in 2002, when allegations of sexual harassment had rocked the Virginia House of Delegates. The speaker of the house, Vance Wilkins, was a Republican power broker who had just helped his party flip the House and build its majority after Democrats had historically controlled the chamber.

Just one problem: Earlier in 2001, Wilkins agreed to pay $100,000 in hush money to a former female employee at his construction company who said he sexually harassed her.

After that was uncovered, top Republicans called for Wilkins to resign.

So did Tim Kaine, who was the state’s lieutenant governor at the time. And according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, he said he also believed Bill Clinton should have resigned from the presidency over his own sex scandals.

Here’s what the paper wrote, in a story published June 8, 2002: “If the allegations are true, he should definitely resign,” Kaine said, adding he held the same view about President Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal. “That is an intolerable way to treat women and it’s not something that the state should be dragged through.”

A report in The Washington Post, also published on June 8, 2002, characterized his views the same way: Lt. Gov. Timothy M. Kaine (D), who may face [state Attorney General Jerry] Kilgore in the 2005 governor’s race, likened the matter to the sexual scandal of President Bill Clinton and White House intern Monica S. Lewinsky, saying, “If the allegations are true, he ought to resign.” “Somebody in public life shouldn’t behave that way toward women,” Kaine said. “It’s tawdry. It’s not the leadership that Virginia should have.”

An AP story that ran on the same day also highlighted Kaine’s criticism of Bill Clinton. “When I read it this morning, my reaction was the same I had when I read about the Clinton-Lewinsky affair: this is not appropriate conduct. It’s beneath the dignity of the office,” he said.

Hillary’s Press Secretary tried to do some damage control over Twitter following Woodruff’s report.

Yeah — except turns out there were quite a few quotes.

Yeah, must be a bit awkward for the Clinton campaign to hear Kaine’s concerns about how someone in public office should or should not behave — and “inappropriate,” “intolerable” ways to treat women. Because it’s not just Mr. Clinton who’s guilty of shameful treatment of women; his wife — the woman Kaine signed up to run alongside — is not only Bill’s own best enabler, she has herself been known to treat the women who’ve come forward against Bill’s mistreatment in some pretty intolerable ways.

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