Folks will accuse me SEXISM for what I’m about to say, but…

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We recently shared with you a story about the Command Sergeant Major of the U.S. Army being concerned about not having enough females volunteering for combat officer training. I’m more concerned about the decimation of our military capability and capacity. Let’s be honest, being a warrior is not about social engineering and “participation trophies.” It just appears that to the liberal progressive leftist mind, it’s hard to comprehend that there’s a difference between genders. In the world of close combat, there is no “fairness,” and the only “fair share” is the desire to bring about a fair share of hurt on the enemy.

It seems there is one service of the armed forces that is proving the point.

As reported by CNNThe only female officer enrolled in the Marine Corps Infantry Officer’s Course has dropped out after failing to complete two conditioning hikes last month, according to the Marine Corps’ Training and Education Command. 

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“At this time, there are no female officers enrolled or slated to attend (the Infantry Officer’s Course),” Marine spokesman Capt. Joshua Pena told CNN. 

He added that 33 additional officers have been dropped from the course out of a starting class comprising 97 officers. The course started on July 6 and is scheduled to finish on September 20. 

This was the female officer’s second attempt at passing the course. She will now be given another specialization for her career as an officer in the Marines. 

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced the opening of all combat roles to women back in December, but as of yet no female Marine has passed the Infantry Officer’s Course. 

In January, then-head of Southern Command, Marine Gen. John Kelly, cast doubt on whether many women would be able to enter the infantry if current standards were upheld. 

“If we don’t change standards, it will be very, very difficult to have any numbers — any real numbers come into the infantry,” Kelly told reporters at the Pentagon. 

But the deputy commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. John “Jay” Paxton Jr., espoused a more optimistic view. “I think the Marines who happen to be women, who are going into those units, are committed to live up to that standard and contribute to unit efficiency and unit success,” Paxton said in an interview with the Marine Corps Times published Monday. 

The US Army fielded its first female infantry officer in April.

Let’s make sure we’re clear about something. General John Kelly was America’s longest-serving General, as he retired on January 14th after 45 years of distinguished service. His comments were part of his parting shot as he walked away. It appears that, along with Marine General James “Mad Dog” Mattis, there is a certain breed of warrior being lost in our armed services.

Just so you know, General John Paxton is currently serving as the Deputy Commandant of the Marine Corps. Perhaps that will lend a little insight into the disparity of the comments from these two Marine Generals. One has to ascertain from this CNN report that if standards remain the same for the Marine Infantry Officer’s Course, this will continue to be the result. And notice, there were some 33 young men who could not cut the mustard and were dropped.

This, Ladies and Gents, is not about issuing a participation trophy, but ensuring our Warriors have the absolute and very best combat leaders possible. Perhaps that’s a quality the progressive leftists can’t comprehend as they embrace the ideal of equality of outcomes.

Now, I’m a very proud retired Army officer, but I have to question our standards. I have to wonder if the two young female officers that passed Army Ranger school could pass the Marine Corps Infantry Officer’s Course? I must consider, could the first female infantry officer in the U.S. Army hack the Marine Corps Infantry Officer’s Course? That’s not a disrespectful inquiry to my Army; it is a genuine concern. Why? Because we the American people need to know if there is such a disparate chasm when it comes to standards for ground combat infantry officers between these two branches of service.

You can already hear the cries of the progressive leftists — sexism — nope, that’s not the case, this is about lives and ensuring we have the very best to lead our young men into the cauldron of close combat. I’m currently reading the book, “Tough as They Come” by former 82d Airborne Division Staff Sergeant Travis Mills, one of five surviving quadruple amputees from the current combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. I recommend y’all read this book in order to get a very clear insight into the life of combat infantrymen — oops, forgot that you have to use gender neutral references now.

When it comes to our ground combat fighters, we need the best, and we need the highest of standards to make the best. My Brigade Commander at Ft. Bragg, COL Denny R. Lewis, had a saying, “pay the extra nickel to go first class.” It was his way of letting us know in the 18th Field Artillery Brigade (Airborne) that he expected a higher standard from the troopers of the “Steel Brigade”…and it was an honor to have the call sign, Steel 3 (Operations Officer) on his Brigade staff.

There is something very troubling for me when I know that no females have passed the Marine Corps Infantry Officers course, and none are lined up to enter. Meanwhile, the Army has two female Ranger School grads and its first female Infantry Officer, with sixteen, according to the report we shared, who are awaiting entry approval.

I ask these questions because, for one, I am tired of my Marine Brothers and Sisters harassing me using the reference of Army Doggie…affectionately so. But more importantly because, as we have a chucklehead for a Commander in Chief who is releasing Islamic jihadists back onto the battlefield, our military is being used as some playground for progressive socialist participation trophies. This is not about allowing individuals with gender dysphoria to openly serve. This is not about advancing a political agenda of social egalitarianism.

This is about making sure that we meet the enemy on the battlefield, in close combat operations, mano y mano, our tough-as-they-come warriors put a dot on his chest…or drive a bayonet through it. It seems the Marines are still focused on that, but I am doubting the Army is — not the fault of our Soldiers, but leadership.

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