If I held a Donald Trump “INTERVENTION,” here’s what I’d say…

I have to speak out about this, and yesterday morning at my Rotary Club breakfast I was once again asked the same question: why should I vote for Donald Trump? Of course my immediate response is yes because of the Supreme Court nominations. However, if the GOP loses the Senate, the ability to influence court appointments will be severely hamstrung. The reason why this question has been so prevalent — including a very dear friend texting me and asking, “is Trump nuts or willingly imploding?” — to which I replied, at this time, it appears both.

And now there are rumors about “interventions,” which conjures up images of voodoo women, witch doctors, or an exorcism. Regardless of whether it’s true or not, rumors like this are damaging. Why? Because you now have to spend time explaining it’s not happening.

The Trump campaign has totally lost the initiative; it does not dominate the narrative, and it’s so far off message that even I cannot watch a rally.

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And of course, the Trumpists are going to attack me, the messenger and blame the media instead of taking a very good assessment and consider the unforced errors and missed opportunities of this campaign.

Donald Trump has been blessed by a Clinton campaign running the most politically handicapped candidate for president in years. Hillary Clinton has more holes in her story than Swiss cheese. And what is a greater blessing is that the progressive socialist left has stated exactly what their game plan and strategy will be. They’re going to deride, demean, denigrate, and disparage Donald Trump in order to goad him into the ambush of personal response and categorize him as erratic and lacking the temperament to be president.

So, if you know your opposition’s tactic, their plan, then why would you fall for it? Folks, that makes no sense, and it’s not about everyone teaming up on you; it’s about having the savvy and moxie to thwart their efforts.

I shared with y’all my response to Mr. Khan here. How hard would it have been for Donald Trump to have a team of advisors to message a response for him? Heck, why not have a team of surrogates who can take on these attacks and peel the onion back?

In the meantime, the candidate can stay on message and be focused on the issues. Why isn’t Trump talking about the real one-percent issue in America — a one percent GDP growth? Why isn’t Trump discussing Hillary Clinton’s “infrastructure plan” for using more government spending, and comparing it to Obama’s failed stimulus? Why isn’t Trump going into the inner cities and talking about the breakdown of the family, lack of quality school choices, and restoring small business entrepreneurship?

Now is not the time for massive rallies that serve to only bolster an individual’s ego. It’s time for Trump to show himself as a servant of this Republic. It’s not the time for him to receive every personal insult and attack warranting his immediate, and incoherent responses.

The reason why the media is talking about all of these distractions is because Donald Trump is making these distractions. He must learn to be disciplined and under control, and stop telling everyone he got the most votes ever in a GOP primary: that’s history. If he bombs and loses the general election, no one will remember what he did in the primary.

Donald Trump needs to come to grips with understanding this is not about him. This is about the future and legacy of this Constitutional Republic. It’s about what we shall be as a nation, not him.

There are so many who are counting on and have placed their trust in him as the one who can stem the tide of established political elites. But Trump must embrace the fact that his “policy vision” will mean nothing and will never come to fruition if he cannot work with a House and Senate majority that can pass the legislative agenda supporting his policy goals.

No one survives the circular firing squad, and this is not about folks treating him “fairly” or “nice” — those are the words of a petulant narcissist and we already have one in the White House. What we need is a leader, one who is resolute and resilient. One who does not punch down but rises above the incessant rants of the progressive socialist Chihuahuas trying to nip at your heels. We want someone who is a victor, not someone who seemingly at every turn tries to play victim unless when everything goes his way.

I know exactly what it’s like to have the leftist media come after you; I welcome it. I know what it’s like to be called disparaging names and demeaned on a regular basis. I love it, why? Because I am dictating the narrative, and I will be relentless in staying on message with my purpose being the restoration of this Republic, the empowerment of Americans, and the reclaiming and advancing of liberty.

If the Trump theme is “Make America Great Again,” then awaken each day carefully articulating how that will be accomplished. Take the painstaking time to detail and delineate the difference between that vision and the empty emotional crap of Hillary Clinton’s “Stronger Together” — which along the same lines of hope and change, forward, change we can believe in, are meaningless and have nothing to do with our fundamental principles — which are still relevant and immutable.

Donald Trump needs to be talking about the Constitution, its purpose and meaning. As for the Purple Heart episode, here’s what his response should have been:

“Sir, I am greatly honored and humbled that you would want to present me with your Purple Heart. But, I cannot accept this because I was not willing to do as you, take an oath, and be willing to make the last full measure of devotion in order to honor that commitment. You keep your Purple Heart sir because I am not worthy. But if you would allow me, I would like to render YOU a salute in order to express my sincere gratitude for your service. And know, as commander in chief, I will remember this moment when considering deploying troops into combat.”

Sadly, Trump’s response was more about him, than the veteran when he said, “Something very nice just happened to me. A man came up to me and handed me his Purple Heart. I said to him, ‘Is that like the real one or is that a copy?’ And he said, ‘That’s my real Purple Heart. I have such confidence in you’. I always wanted to get the Purple Heart. This was much easier,” Trump said.” And Trump then pocketed the decoration after the veteran left the stage.

Just imagine if Trump had responded as I suggest — he would have dominated the narrative, seized the moment. Instead, once again, the media defined the moment. And if Trump were to accept the Purple Heart, you don’t place it in your pocket…you ask that veteran to pin it on you. However, the better moment would have been Trump pinning the Purple Heart on the veteran, and as stated, rendering him a salute.

Yes, an intervention is needed and quickly, because what’s at stake is far greater than one man. It is the very essence of what this great country will be.

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