BREAKING: Latest poll shows why all polls are stupid

Are you sitting down? And do not take a sip of coffee while reading this because you will blow it all over your keyboard. A new poll released today by CNN contains a figure about Obama’s approval rating that proves without a shadow of a doubt how stupid polls are.

As CNN reports, President Barack Obama’s approval rating got its own convention bump, and now stands at its highest level since just before his second inauguration in 2013.

Obama’s approval rating dipped to 50 percent after the Republican convention, but has risen to 54 percent in the wake of his party’s convention, with 45 percent disapproval, according to a new CNN/ORC Poll. That’s the most positive approval rating of his second term.

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And by the way, the poll sample was made up of 28 percent Democrats, 24 percent Republicans and 48 percent Independent or something else (Socialists, maybe??)

Compared with other recent two-term presidents, Obama’s approval rating at this stage of his presidency ranks on par with Ronald Reagan’s ratings in 1988, and are approaching Bill Clinton’s 57 percent at this point in 2000.

Most voters say that if she were elected, Clinton would mostly carry out Obama’s policies, 64 percent say so vs. 33 percent who think her policies would mostly be different from Obama’s. But perhaps surprisingly, those who disapprove of Obama are more likely to see a Clinton presidency as an extension of Obama’s (74 percent say so) than are those who approve of him (57 percent in that group say so).

“Surprisingly” How is this a surprise to ANYONE? Of course people who disapprove of Obama say a Clinton presidency will be an extension of Obama’s. GOD help us!

These poll results are insane! A majority of the respondents (54 percent) say things are going badly in the country. And they apparently make ZERO connection between that and the man at the helm.

But this simply goes to show you how completely suspect poll results are in general. Yesterday, we reported how Reuters apparently “cooked” the results of their poll to make Clinton appear to be leading. It’s worth repeating these scathing words from DEMOCRAT strategist Pat Caddell during an interview last Sunday on Breitbart News Daily:

“Never in my life have I seen a news organization, and a supposedly reputable poll, do something so dishonest

This is what the media is willing to do, to try to elect her. This (Reuters) poll is nothing but a part of a media offensive. In the 45 years since I was a child, in top-level presidential campaigns, I have never seen the media on such a jihad, and so involved in hiding facts, and not following up. This is a crisis of democracy, what the press is now doing.

The Trump campaign, and your listeners, and this election, understand – this democracy is under assault by a press, who I, in 45 years, have never seen so biased, and so on a jihad against one candidate.

It’s not just the Democrats – remember what’s happening in Washington, the coalition against Trump, who stands almost alone, is also filled with these Bush-type Republicans, and establishment Republicans, who view him as a real threat to their ability to hold on to their party, and their own niche in this corrupt system.”

So take this Obama “approval” poll – and every poll for that matter — with a grain of salt so large it would choke an elephant.

The only poll that really matters is the one on November 8.

[Note: This article was written salt-free by Michele Hickford]

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