Black police chief adds three words to patrol cars that are BLOWING MINDS

If the headline had you suspect those three words were “Blue Lives Matter,” think again.

While it seems every-time a public figure declares “All Lives Matter” there’s an endless supply of outrage, that’s just coming from an extremely vocal minority. Even two-thirds of blacks prefer the phrase “All Lives Matter” over “Black Lives Matter” and something tells me they aren’t all a bunch of racists.

Personally, I (Matt Palumbo) even prefer the phrase “All Lives Matter” to “Blue Lives Matter,” as I feel it’s the most consistent. We can’t criticize the phrase “Black Lives Matter” for not being inclusive of all lives, then make a declaration that’s just as non-inclusive. As Breitbart reports, following the violence against officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge, one police chief is putting up his own money to send us a reminder.

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A black Mississippi police chief has caused somewhat of a stir by putting the slogan “All Lives Matter” on the back of his department’s patrol cars. He paid for the slogan to be affixed to the cars with his own money.


Edwards, Mississippi, Police Chief Torrence Mayfield decided to put the slogan on the cars following the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, and the shootings of the police officers in Dallas, San Diego, and Baton Rouge, according to MS News Now.

The chief said it should not just be about one race, or even just that police lives matter. “Hispanic, Muslim, Jewish — all lives should matter and nothing warrants police officers’ lives lost,” he explained. “We want this to resonate far and abroad. Everywhere. All communities should embrace this.” – Jackson, MS

The police chief said he had the support of all of his officers before applying the slogan. Since adding the slogan to the patrol cars, Mayfield said the community’s support has been there as well.

“‘Blue Lives Matter’ is not going to be welcome by everyone and neither is ‘Black Lives Matter’,” the chief told the local news outlet. “You are not going to be able to please everyone, but 100 percent of my officers completely agreed, the Mayor agreed and everyone has absolutely loved it.”

Despite the fact that Mayfield himself is a liberal (as gleaned from his Twitter feed), I’m sure this will generate outrage from a fringe faction of the Left for no reason whatsoever.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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