After Hillary walks, look what just happened to THIS American who exposed classified info…

Right now, China is conducting live fire naval exercises in the East China Sea. Before the end of the month, China and Russia will be conducting a joint naval exercise in the South China Sea. And this comes after an international court ruled against China’s incursion into that body of water where a large portion of sea commerce transits.

But it’s not just about what China is doing in the Pacific Rim; it’s what they’re doing right here.

As reported by CNNA long-time FBI employee with top secret security clearance faces up to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to being an agent of the Chinese government. 

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Kun Shan Chun, also known as Joey Chun, was arrested by the FBI in March after an undercover operation, and appeared in a New York court on Monday

The 46-year old confessed to providing “sensitive” FBI information to an individual with connections to the Chinese government on a number of occasions, the Justice Department said in a statement. 

Originally born in China, Chun was a naturalized U.S. citizen who had been an employee of the FBI for 19 years. 

According to the complaint, Chun tried to recruit an undercover agent to provide him with confidential information, which he said could be exchanged for cash if it was sent to his associates in China. 

Chun pleaded guilty to one charge of acting in the United States as an agent of China without providing notice to the Attorney General. 

According to the Justice Department, in 2011 Chun met with a Chinese official during an overseas trip who asked him about his work with the FBI. Chun discussed sensitive information with the official, including telling him the identity of an FBI special agent. 

After that meeting, the official repeatedly asked Chun for information about the FBI’s internal workings, resulting in Chun transmitting several pieces of sensitive information. 

In 2013, Chun sent the official a copy of the FBI organizational chart, with personnel names removed, and in 2015, he sent the same official in China photos of documents detailing surveillance technologies used by the FBI.”

My first thought is that FBI Director James Comey is not having a good past month. My second thought is that we must be much more aware of Chinese infiltration into our security apparatus. We’re well aware of the Chinese support of cyber warfare activities within our borders. And to this point, we have not taken the Chinese to task over their acts of espionage, actually, “soft” war. It’s long past the time for reckoning that China is a threat, not the Chinese people per se, but certainly the government.

“Kun Shan Chun violated our nation’s trust by exploiting his official U.S. Government position to provide restricted and sensitive FBI information to the Chinese government,” Assistant Attorney General for National Security John Carlin said. Local media reported a statement by Chun’s defense attorney Jonathan Marvinny, in which he said his client regretted his actions. “The truth is that Mr Chun loves the United States and never intended to cause it any harm,” he said.”

However, let’s ask a greater question: is having an insecure private server that conducted the United States’ classified business any different from what Chun did? Does FBI Director Comey believe Chun was “careless” in handling classified information and allowed it to fall into the hands of a foreign source? Chun is facing 10 years in prison for transmitting several pieces of sensitive information; how many classified emails were transited over the private server of one Hillary Clinton?

Here we have our first immediate example of the hypocrisy of Comey and Lynch’s actions — and evidence of two different standards or interpretation of the rule of law. For one, it applies; for the other, well, it is a Clinton.

If anything, Mr. Chun can hope for a Hillary Clinton victory, as she would certainly pardon him, since her actions were far more egregious — and she said she loves the United States too…

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