Hillary just made OUTRAGEOUS promise we pray she won’t keep

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If we’re going to offer amnesty to illegal immigrants, what’s the point in having an immigration system at all?

Those who jump through all the hurdles to immigrate legally went through all that effort for nothing, while those who broke the law the second they entered America are rewarded. Some may argue amnesty is the only option when we have 12 million illegal aliens in our country, far too many to deport. But if we do nothing, in another few decades we’ll be told we can’t do anything because there are 20, 30, or 40 million illegals in our country.

When amnesty becomes expected, don’t you think that’ll just incentivize more illegal immigration anyway?

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Aside from illegal immigrants themselves, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone for whom illegal immigration is good. But according to Hillary Clinton, it’s great for our economy. The Daily Wire reports: In an interview for Fox News Sunday, Hillary Clinton told Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace that extending citizenship to foreigners illegally in the country would be “good for [America’s] economy.”

Clinton used the nebulous catch-all left-wing term “comprehensive immigration reform” while making her pitch.

“When it comes to immigration, I believe strongly that comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship is not only good for people who are living under the shadow of deportation, it’s good for our economy,” said Clinton. “So I think this is on the must-do list.”

You can watch the interview below. The relevant bit begins at 6:04.

Clinton’s campaign website calls for extending health insurance options via the Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare) to illegal immigrants.

Yes, apparently making illegal immigrants citizens, and thus eligible for a whole new array of government benefits is good for the economy. Remember Nancy Pelosi’s comment years ago that food stamps help the economy because…. magic.

On second thought, There is another beneficiary of amnesty: the Democrat Party. When Latinos vote Democrat over Republican by a 2:1 margin, it’s pretty obvious why it’s the Democrats pushing for amnesty.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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