Priest allows Muslim refugee into his house to shower; this happens IMMEDIATELY

One of the hot button issues this election cycle has centered on whether or not our country should be letting in refugees seeking asylum from Syria, a matter which should be a quick and easy “no.”

Alas, liberals have been working hard to convince folks that inviting in strangers from other countries, particularly ones where terrorist organizations are thriving and attempting to use groups of fleeing refugees as covers to enter our nation, is perfectly safe.

Maybe they should tell that to Father Vanderlee, a priest in Belgium who was stabbed after allowing an “asylum seeker” to use his shower.

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The Sun is reporting, Father Jos Vanderlee, 65, suffered injuries to his hands during the incident.

The suspect went to the priest’s house and asked if he could shower, and said he wanted to apply for asylum in The Netherlands, Nieuwsblad reports.

After the man showered he demanded money from Vanderlee, and when he refused a skirmish followed.

He reportedly lunged at the priest, whose hands were slashed in the confrontation.

The assailant fled the scene.

The priest was rushed to hospital but is not believed to be in a serious condition.

The incident comes just days after French Catholic priest Jacques Hamel was knifed to death by two ISIS fanatics.

We can take this particular example and toss it on top of the countless terrorist attacks that have gone down in Europe recently and the increasing wave of violent crime to illustrate exactly why we shouldn’t be allowing people into our own country without thorough background checks.

Say what you will about Donald Trump, but the man’s idea of building a wall and fixing the immigration system is what must be done to keep our country safe.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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