DNC moment of silence for police interrupted by THREE WORDS…

At the Republican National Convention, attendees cheered police officers as they passed by.

Wanna bet they didn’t get the same treatment at the Democrat National Convention this week? You’d probably have trouble finding someone to take the opposite side of that bet. In fact, as former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani shared, some officers reported uniformed law enforcement were not even allowed on the convention floor at the DNC.

In an unexpected move, there was an (attempted) moment of silence for fallen police officers. Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez, whose city experienced the worst day for law enforcement since 9/11, was at the podium, and requested a moment of silence for the fallen. As the Washington Times reported, that didn’t exactly go as planned.

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Two people interrupted a moment of silence meant to honor slain police officers at Democrats’ convention Thursday, shouting “black lives matter” as the rest of the thousands assembled were quiet. After things quieted down, a man interrupted with the “black lives matter” shout, and a woman then interjected herself.

After the moment of silence, family members of officers recently slain took to the stage to recount their relatives’ lives and sacrifices. The relatives received a standing ovation from the delegates.

Here’s another clip, this one from the audience. The Tweet incorrectly states that this came after the moment of silence, while you’ve gleaned from the first video that’s not the case.

The overwhelming majority of people were silent and respectful — except for the Black Lives Matter crazies. They’re always the ones telling us that “Black Lives Matter” doesn’t mean other lives don’t matter, so why would they feel the need to tell us that “black lives matter” when honoring fallen police officers who committed no crime?

Unlike the martyrs that BLM champions, the slain officers really were killed for nothing more than the color they wear.

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