Black Trump supporter SHOT – Black Lives Matter SILENT

We’ve been told that Donald Trump’s rhetoric has been inciting violence, leading one to ask the question, against whom?

There have been widely reported acts of violence breaking out at his rallies – but it’s the protestors attacking the attendees. A black man was recently shot over Donald Trump – but don’t expect to hear about this one in the news, because he was shot for supporting The Donald.

The response from Black Lives Matter? Crickets.

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The Washington Times reports:

A Donald Trump supporter is recovering from a gunshot wound after he said a man who disagreed with his political views opened fire on him inside a Cleveland bar Monday.  Paul Jones Jr., 60, said he was at his neighborhood bar Winston’s Place near E. 131st Street and Miles Avenue at about 6 p.m. talking politics with a friend, a local ABC News affiliate reported.

Mr. Jones, a Vietnam veteran, said he was discussing his support for Mr. Trump as president when another man voiced his disagreement. “Somebody who was butting in on the conversation,” Mr. Jones told ABC from his hospital bed. “The conversation wasn’t directed at him or to him.”

Mr. Jones said the man got visibly angry and stormed out of the bar. He came back armed with a gun, Mr. Jones said.

Cleveland police said the man shot Mr. Jones in the thigh and fled. Detectives are still searching for the shooter, who will be charged with felonious assault if caught, ABC reported.

“I’m quite sure you have a lot of people having their own opinions. But that doesn’t mean you should hurt somebody because you have your own opinion,” Mr. Jones‘ mother, Latosca, said. Mr. Jones is expected to make a full recovery, the station reported.

Liberals are the only people who will ask you why you’re so violent as they’re punching you in the face, or, in this case, shooting you.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]
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