IRONIC: Dems just put up another one of THESE at the convention….

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In an act that can only be described as deliciously ironic, Democrats at the DNC in Philadelphia have erected not one, but TWO walls to keep folks attending the convention “safe.”

Now, clearly, if you’re a person with a good head on your shoulders, you know good and well how hilarious it is to see liberals, who’ve tossed out the race card against conservatives on far too many occasions to count for wanting to secure the border with a wall, suddenly demanding protection from crazed protesters via a wall.

This is the sort of thing you just can’t make up.

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Truth Revolt is reporting, The American Mirror shared the story and Fox News video footage:

The unwashed masses were getting a little too close to the convention center for the DNC’s liking, so they built another wall to keep out the undesirables.

Thousands of protesters storming the barricades outside the DNC. This morning, new fences are being installed to keep them out,” Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocey noted.

Crews worked overnight to build the new wall separating the Democratic elites from everyone else.

The DNC is erecting a “no-scale” fence, which is eight feet tall.

“It makes it so the protesters can’t climb up it,” reporter Leland Vitter said.

To top it off, yet another wall has been erected — this one fortifying the podium inside the convention center!




As you can see here, walls and fences are fairly excellent security measures to help deter criminals from gaining access to areas they do not have legal authority to enter.

If building a wall is good enough for the Democrats at their own convention, why isn’t such a measure good enough for our nation?

Aren’t liberals supposed to be folks who are welcoming and tolerant? If that’s the case, shouldn’t these individuals be allowed inside to voice their opinions? Maybe the DNC needed a safe space after all of those leaked emails riled folks up?

Either way, those on the left should think long and hard before criticizing Trump about building a wall at the border, because apparently, whether they want to admit it or not, they see the merit of the idea.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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