Signs greeting liberals at Democrat convention are simply AWESOME

Who ever would’ve thought 2016 would see the epic implosion of the Democrat Party?

Yet that’s precisely what’s happening after a slew of emails from the DNC were leaked to the media, resulting in chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz stepping down from her post and immediately being hired by Hillary Clinton.

As things continue to explode on the floor of the convention, those attending the event in Philadelphia are being greeted with signs encouraging them not to believe what’s being reported by liberal media.

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TheBlaze is reporting, Attendees arriving at the Democratic National Convention were greeted by signs throughout the city warning them: “Don’t believe the liberal media.”

Brent Bozell, the president of the Media Research Center, said that the group’s highly visible ad campaign is an effort to draw attention to what he characterized as “liberal bias” in the mainstream media’s coverage of the 2016 presidential race.

The media’s “love affair” with presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton “will reach its apex this week in Philadelphia,” he added in a statement.

“They have been in the tank for her since the beginning. We can safely predict that at the Democratic National Convention they will need smelling salts to recover from their fainting spells,” Bozell said. “The Media Research Center is not going to allow the media to coronate Hillary without a fight. We intend to show all of America their role in propping up, promoting, and defending the most corrupt person to ever receive a major party’s nomination. From Benghazi to illegal Clinton Foundation donations to criminally-dangerous misuse of classified information, the media have held Hillary’s hand every step of the way and they ought to be ashamed. It’s time they started to report the truth.

“It’s very simple: Cover Clinton like you’re covering Trump. Nothing more, nothing less,” he added. “The fourth estate is failing in its responsibility to the American people. As most in the media transition to their role as Clinton’s communications arm, the Media Research Center is going to expose their agenda. If they thought their credibility was in the tank before this began, wait to see what it looks like when this one is over.”

Of course these signs are absolutely correct. No one should believe a word that comes out of liberal media, because it’s quite clear these “news” outlets exist for no other purpose than to push the progressive agenda.

Notice how left-wing media has no problem slamming and shredding Donald Trump, but when it comes to the corruption of their own party — and they do have a party — being leaked for the world to see, suddenly journalistic objectivity is tossed in the garbage and hypocrisy emerges as they refuse to hold their own to the same standards as Republicans.

Regardless, it’s quite comical watching the implosion of the Democratic Party, and hopefully the utter destruction of leftist media isn’t too far behind.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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