After Debbie, now it’s PELOSI’S turn

This is going to be a GREAT show at the Democrat convention in Philadelphia this week. Establishment Democrats in the tank for Hillary Clinton are getting Ted Cruzed all OVER the place. Earlier today, it was Debbie Wasserman Schultz, booed off the podium by the Florida delegation.


Real Clear Politics reports, Bernie Sanders supporters booed and jeered at House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi during a California delegation breakfast meeting on Monday. They chanted, “Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!” while she spoke about Hillary Clinton.

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An opposing chant of, “Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!” briefly returned fire before being overwhelmed by Sanders supporters.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that, “Monday’s breakfast turned angry when delegates for Sen. Bernie Sanders booed nearly every mention of presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton’s name.”

Minority Leader Pelosi said in an interview following the chaos that she is not concerned.

“This is nothing new,” she said. “People get excited about the campaigns that they are in, and it doesn’t turn off on the day the determination is made.”

“You know what — it’s the Democratic Party. We have never been a monolith,” Pelosi said. “We’ve always tried to reach a consensus but unanimity is an impossibility for any party.”

“Some people are new and are not familiar with how things work,” she noted.

Exactly Mrs. Pelosi. Those little people don’t know how things work in the political establishment where the people’s will doesn’t really matter at all. Because you and Debbie and the DNC itself were in the tank for Hillary from the very start.

Can’t WAIT to see what unfolds this week.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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