Wow: After Dallas massacre, police department applications triple

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It’s been nearly three weeks since the Dallas massacre of police officers at a Black Lives Matter protest, and it’s had the opposite effect the shooter desired.

The shooter was angered over recent alternations between police and black men – but does anyone seriously think this massacre will lead police to be less likely to fire their weapons in a tense situation? Of course not. He didn’t bridge the gap between police and the public, he widened it further.

Maybe he was trying to impose his own solution by reducing the number of police officers. In that case, he’s failed too. At a press conference last week, the (black) Dallas police chief David Brown asked citizens to “become part of the solution” and apply for a job with his department. And they listened.

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People aren’t shying away from law enforcement in Dallas – they’re lining up to join it.

Via Reuters

The Dallas Police Department, which was struggling to recruit officers, has seen a surge in job applications after the ambush shooting this month that killed five officers and brought global attention to the Texas city, officials said on Friday.

During the 12 days following the July 7 shooting, the department said it got 467 job applications, a 344 percent increase compared with the 136 in a similar period in June. 

That is an average of 38.9 requests per day to become a police recruit compared with an average of 11.3 submissions a day for 12 days in June.

In recent months, the police department has had to cancel academy classes because there were not enough applicants.

The Dallas Police Department will emerge from this tragedy stronger than ever – and it’s all because a nutjob and the Black Lives Matter sentiment tried to take them down.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]
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