College student posts about Black Lives Matter on Facebook, INSTANTLY regrets it…

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The age of political correctness has been destroying the foundation of our country for quite some time now. In the last few years especially, liberals have been taking some big whacks at the tree of liberty with their racially divisive narrative, and boy it’s looking close to toppling over.

The latest such incident to provide evidence of this ever growing phenomenon comes from Purdue University, where a conservative student faces expulsion after criticizing Black Lives Matter.

Yes, using his First Amendment right to freedom of speech may get him kicked out of school.

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This is truly Obama’s America.

The Washington Times is reporting, Joshua Nash, a 21-year-old biological sciences major at the university, received a summons to meet with university administrators shortly after he made a Facebook post critical of the movement.

“I had a comment on Facebook where I stated ‘Black Lives Matter is trash because they do not really care about black lives,’ ” Mr. Nash recalled the post, as reported by the College Fix. ” ‘They simply care about making money and disrupting events for dead people.’ “

The June 6 letter from the university says a “community member” reported the post and told Mr. Nash he had to attend a “required Administrative Meeting” on July 19.

The missive is signed by Andrew Pettee, who serves as Purdue Northwest’s deputy Title IX coordinator and investigates “complaints of harassment or discrimination,” according to the university’s website.

Mr. Nash said he called the university for more information about the impending meeting. During the call, he said a campus official told him that his comments could result in expulsion.

In a statement to the College Fix, the university denied threatening Mr. Nash with expulsion or otherwise planning to discipline him for his remarks.

In the land of the free and home of the brave, a country founded on the idea that liberty is one of the highest ideals of mankind, we are no longer allowed to voice our opinion on a topic without being slandered as racist, sexist, or homophobic.

What the folks at Purdue University are doing is making our founders spin in their graves, as it goes against every principle that made this nation so extraordinary.

We don’t have to agree with one another to respect each other’s liberty. We all have the right to speak our minds, particularly on the important issues of the day.

How is a nation ever to make true, genuine progress if we aren’t allowed to engage each other’s beliefs and ideologies on the battlefield of ideas?

It’s only through open and brutally honest dialogue that we can grow beyond our current level of cultural stagnation.

Unfortunately, as long as a muzzle is placed on free speech, this will never happen. In fact, we’ll move backwards as a nation, devolving into ignorance — not to mention, tyranny.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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