Al Sharpton SLAMS female Fox hosts: if you don’t like Hillary, you’re anti-woman

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Everyone’s favorite race hustler, Al Sharpton, is up to his old tricks again as he recently appeared on MSNBC to do a little stumping for Democratic presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton.

During a segment on PoliticsNation, Sharpton heaped a metric ton of praise on a Clinton/Warren ticket and decided to call down fire and brimstone on anyone who dared to disagree.

In fact, according to Sharpton, if you aren’t on board with Hillary, you’re “anti-women.”

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Newsbusters reports, He even went so far as to accuse women on Fox News of being “anti-woman.” “Apparently just the sight of two powerful outspoken women on stage together is enough to send the right into a tail spin,” he stated, before showing clips of primarily female FNC personalities criticizing Clinton and Warren’s matching outfits.

“Did you see the matching pant suits? I mentioned the matching suits and the need for maybe a color wheel with these women,” teased Harris Faulkner in one clip. Lisa Kennedy of Fox Business jokes in another, “They’re Thelma and Louise at the end of the movie.”

“Thelma and Louise? I mean, did you expect this kind of anti-woman backlash we’re seeing with Clinton as the nominee,” asked a very serious Sharpton to Terry O’Neill, the President of the National Organization for Women.

O’Neill slammed the ladies of Fox News exclaiming, “I think that anti-woman backlash is to be expected from anti-woman conservatives.” She followed up her baseless attack by championing Clinton’s candidacy, “But they really are the dream team, right? Hillary Clinton is an unapologetic feminist progressive. And to have here in the White House would be absolutely amazing!”

O’Neill soon turned her sights on the GOP as whole, saying the nomination and endorsements of Donald Trump proves the party is full of bigots. “That makes the entire Republican Party the party for racist, xenophobic, misogynistic policies. I don’t see how the Republican Party gets around that in any kind of way,” she said.

Yes, according to liberal logic, if you dislike Hillary Clinton, it has nothing to do with the corruption that oozes out of her every pore — like Benghazi and the email scandal to name two things off the bat — but it’s because conservatives are card-carrying members of the “he-man woman hater’s club.”

One would be hard pressed to find anyone who actually loathes Hillary because of her gender. The reason so many folks find her unsavory is because she’s a typical corrupt politician who built an entire career out of lying and gaming the system, caring little for who she hurt in the process.

Maybe, just maybe, people aren’t big fans of the former secretary of state because she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead, including cover up the deaths of innocent Americans.

But that’s okay, please feel free to continue thinking it’s because she’s a woman.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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