Speechless: Right before U.S. Sailors were captured by Iran the unthinkable happened…

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A half-year has passed since the humiliating moment U.S. Sailors were captured by Iran and made to kneel in surrender at gunpoint. While the U.S. suffered no casualties, it allowed Iran to use the incident for propaganda purposes — and in fact our own Secretary of State John Kerry even thanked Iran for their treatment in captivity. Iran mocked Sailors and the incident in their Revolution Day Parade later the next month, which celebrated the 37th anniversary of the Islamic revolution.

Now, after a lengthy investigation into the incident, those Sailors are in hot water for giving up too much information to the Iranians, and for being put in that position in the first place. FOX News reports:

Weak leadership, poor judgment, a lack of “warfighting toughness” and a litany of errors led to the embarrassing capture and detention by Iran of 10 U.S. sailors in the Persian Gulf in January, according to a Navy investigation released Thursday.

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Six officers and three enlisted Sailors have been disciplined or face disciplinary action.

At least one Sailor had been up all night with boat repairs. Their higher headquarters failed to arrange air or surface monitoring of the boats’ transit. Such monitoring “would likely have prevented” the Sailors’ capture by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy, according to the report.

The Navy’s top officer, Adm. John Richardson, was presenting the investigation’s results at a Pentagon news conference.

The lengthy investigation concluded that while the boat crews erred in entering Iranian waters, the Iranians violated international law by impeding the boats’ “innocent passage,” and violated U.S. sovereign immunity by boarding and seizing the boats.

Other rules were “ignored for convenience,” resulting in the boats being “unable to present the appearance of a hard target or to defend themselves against (Iranian) aggression.” The Iranians boarded the U.S. boats, confronted the Sailors at gunpoint and took them to Farsi Island, where they remained overnight before being released after Washington intervened.

“Decision-makers at every level failed to intervene when the boats could not achieve minimum communications standards … and when the (boats) violated Saudi and Iranian territorial seas,” the report said.

Barack Obama’s ‘fundamental transformation” of America has been tragically successful. Unfortunately that also includes the decimation of our military with weak leadership and poor standards. Hey, but at least we can be proud of the fact transgender people can now openly serve.

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North Korea claims U.S. has declared WAR...via Twitter

North Korea claims U.S. has declared WAR...via Twitter

I’d like to know, who in the Trump administration is AGAINST this…

I’d like to know, who in the Trump administration is AGAINST this…