If THIS new revelation doesn’t “swift boat” Hillary, I don’t know what will

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I had a great day in Indianapolis on Wednesday, meeting with several foundations regarding policy proposals. It seems our Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, had a meeting of her own, a private one, with former president Bill Clinton in Phoenix — what’s up with that? This is a serious conflict of interest when a sitting attorney general meeting with the husband of a person under criminal investigation by the FBI — an agency under her purview. Loretta Lynch wants us to believe that a thirty-minute meeting was all about grandchildren and playing golf. This smells of impropriety; Bill Clinton isn’t waiting on the Phoenix tarmac to talk about grandkids.

Perhaps it’s just me, but does it seem to you that the progressive socialist left believes itself to be above the law? C’mon Ms. Lynch, it appears you’re not up to the task — not that your predecessor was either — of being our top law enforcement officer. Redacting critical information from the American people in a terrorist attack on our homeland, strike one. Coming out and professing that the best response to Islamic terrorism is compassion, unity, and love — strike two. And now, a private meeting with Bill Clinton as his wife, Hillary Clinton, is under criminal investigation by an agency under your supervision — strike three. All this in the last two weeks. Now, we know Barack Obama is not an umpire who will call you out, so the American people must.

This abhorrent behavior cannot go unchallenged, and it looks like we may end up with another Obama attorney general held in contempt by Congress. And please, if this were Republicans, the left would be screaming.

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Furthermore, the left would be screaming about THIS as well, if it were done by Republicans.

As reported by the Daily Caller, “A House report released Tuesday shows in the immediate aftermath of the Benghazi attacks, Department of State officials mulled over asking Marines, who were being considered for deployment, to take off their uniforms, as officials were concerned American flags on the uniforms would damage diplomatic relations in the region.

According to the 800-page report, as the situation in Benghazi was unfolding, State Department officials held a teleconference call to ostensibly decide the best response to the attacks.

For a large part of the discussion, officials decided to talk about the origins of the attack, instead of weighing different rescue options. White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough was in charge of the call. Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was also on the call. When officials finally got to the topic of rescue plans, one State official raised the question of whether Marines on call should be deployed wearing civilian clothing, rather than military uniforms.

In response to queries from investigators, Undersecretary of State for Management Patrick Kennedy justified the comments by saying the American flags on the uniforms of U.S. military personnel might have hampered diplomatic relations. In reality, Marines don’t actually have American flags on their uniforms, but that didn’t stop State Department officials from debating the question. During the investigation following the Benghazi debacle, one Marine commander told staff they continuously had to put on their uniforms, take them off and put them back on again, during the period of time when officials were considering deploying them to the area.”

So, these keystone cops got together on a conference call and the most important issue the Hillary Clinton State Department could assess was the clothing of the U.S. Marine Fleet Anti-Terrorism Team (FAST)? Ok, ask yourself, is this person ready to be our commander in chief? When the call came, Hillary Clinton was worried about uniforms, and if the display of the American flag would hurt feelings?

Let me explain something Mrs. Clinton, Americans were getting more than their feelings hurt, they were missing, being fired upon, DYING in Libya and the concern of YOUR State Department was about damaging diplomatic relations?

This is the person folks are claiming has extensive foreign policy and national security expertise — that is beyond comical. And you must realize, the FAST unit was never deployed…the only relief that came to the rescue in Benghazi was due to the efforts of one Glenn Doherty and the GRS team — and of course Doherty lost his life on that rooftop because of a mortar attack. Clarification: mortars are NOT part of a spontaneous reaction to a video.

Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton… these are inexscusable actions, but in the liberal progressive world, it’s just fine. They embrace incompetence, corruption, and yes, I will say what it appears Rep. Trey Gowdy did not: lying.

I have a simple question. Why didn’t Hillary Clinton go out on Sunday after the Benghazi attack on the news programs? After all, a State Department facility was attacked, and a U.S. ambassador was killed. Why did the Ambassador to the United Nations speak on five news programs?

I recall when Hillary Clinton was asked why she didn’t speak, her response was that she was too distraught — and this is supposed to be the person READY to be commander in chief? Hillary Clinton is a liar, there was no video sparking this terror attack in Benghazi. And now everyone knows what those of us in the military chain of communications knew — Hillary Clinton’s State Department cared little about dispatching a relief effort to Benghazi…because of uniforms!

Loretta Lynch thinks we’re idiots to believe she and Bill Clinton talked about kids and golf for thirty minutes.

We made two horrific mistakes, in 2008 and 2012, electing and reelecting a pathological liar who was awarded the “Lie of the Year” in 2013. It looks like there’s a possibility it could happen again. The complicit liberal progressive media is doing everything it can to shield their leftist provocateurs of false narratives and corruption.

It is incumbent upon ourselves to be better educated and informed on the issues. But in this case, when Americans were abandoned to die, and we know that damaging diplomatic relations was more important — who could actually support someone so devoid of caring about those folks who were fighting for their lives for 13 hours? If this is the type of deplorable behavior you deem worthy of support, worthy to be president, Commander-in-Chief — then the days of this Republic are soon to end.

Why do I say that? It’s simple — who would EVER put their life on the line with Hillary Clinton sitting in the White House? What loved one would trust a Hillary Clinton with the life of their deployed loved one? She is unfit to be commander in chief, and there is no greater proof of such than Benghazi, Libya.

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