Liberal media POUNCE on Ben Carson’s latest campaign ‘gaffe’

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Former presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson recently appeared on CBS Radio’s “Brown and Scoop” podcast, where he cracked a joke about his mother that turned a few heads, likely resulted in a few nervous giggles from reporters — and sparked a flood of out-of-context headlines meant to both mock the former candidate himself and provoke outrage.

Carson commented on how his mom, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, would’ve reacted to all of the negative press and attacks he endured from the media.

TheBlaze is reporting, The former Republican presidential candidate’s mother, Sonya, suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, but Carson said that she would have wanted to take a gun and shoot some “dishonest reporters” during his run.

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“She has Alzheimer’s. She’s really not cognizant of that, which is a good thing because my mother is really a fighter. She probably would have taken a gun and gone out and shot some of the dishonest reporters,” Carson joked during an interview with CBS Radio’s “Brown and Scoop” podcast.

Carson added that “one of the reasons that our founders said that our system and our freedom depends on a well-informed and educated populace is because they recognize that, if people were not well-informed and well-educated, they can be easily manipulated by a dishonest media, and that’s exactly what happens in our society today.”

Carson was a favorite target of the left during the presidential primary because of his soft-spoken nature and conservative stance on many social issues plaguing our country today.

The media particularly seemed to hone in on his comments involving Muslims being able to run for political office, stating practitioners of Islam would need to reject the tenets of their religion — specifically Sharia law — in order to uphold the Constitution.

The likely reason Carson was picked on by the left is because he’s an African-American man who loves this country and holds to the principles and values that made it the greatest nation on earth. But, of course, they’ll never admit it.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]
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