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You can get a good idea of what people are really thinking and wondering about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton by looking at what’s being searched online. People are always more open online under the cloak of anonymity than they are in person.

Hillary said yesterday she doesn’t like hearing that people don’t trust her, and if you look at what questions are trending on Google, it appears that sentiment is widespread. The most googled question on Hillary Clinton is currently “Is Hillary Clinton going to jail?” The fourth most googled question is asking for reasons not to vote for her.

The top trending searches don’t become any more flattering if you look at trends for a different day.

Via Breitbart:

The top trending question was revealed on the infographic-based Twitter account for Google Trends, along with the top trending questions for Republican nominee Donald Trump, where the most popular question was “Why is Donald Trump in Scotland”, and a variety of British EU referendum categories.

“Not even Google’s search engine manipulation can save Hillary” commented one user, referring to the numerous allegations that Google has been manipulating their search results in favor of Clinton. “Screen cap for when this gets deleted” posted another user.

Despite currently ranking as the number one most searched Clinton-related question, Google refuses to suggest it when a user enters the words into their search engine, a very unusual practice for such a popular search term.

And it looks like despite accusations of manipulating searches for Hillary Clinton, their auto-fill feature still reflects reality:


Nothing shows up for Trump once you add “going” or “going to” to the search, but the auto-fills for him are much kinder.



Hillary Clinton is ahead in the polls again – so let’s hope people remain inquisitive.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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