Unreal: What Rutgers professor blames for #Brexit vote is BEYOND absurd

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Liberty lovers all across the world have been celebrating with Britain after they voted to exit the European Union to return to being a truly sovereign nation.

This historic vote is a massive victory in the fight against globalism, which as you might imagine, is making a whole lot of big government progressives very, very unhappy.

Many on the left are mourning Britain’s decision to leave the EU, tweeting out typical knee-jerk reactions to assign blame for this first step in the dissolution of their one world Utopian fantasy.

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One such individual is Rutgers Professor Brittney Cooper, who decided to point the finger in a rather absurd direction.



When it comes to the radical left, it seems their go-to patsy for any event that doesn’t unfold according to their liking is racism, blaming white people for everything, no matter how bizarre and unrelated race is to the situation at hand.

The people of Britain were asked to make a choice between freedom and big government. They choose freedom.

Cooper says these good folks are voting against their own interests. Given how extremely high taxation is in Britain, it’s highly doubtful that’s the case at all. In the long run, if they go toward a much more free market approach, they will bounce back stronger and more prosperous than ever.

It will take times, yes, but a little pain and suffering up front for the sake of being your own country is well worth the price.


[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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