Bill Maher NAILS liberal response to Orlando; ‘How many Christian-inspired terror attacks…’

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It’s about time a liberal stood up for liberal values. The ideology of the Quran is against everything they claim to stand for, yet because today’s social justice loons put Muslims on the top of their privilege hierarchy, don’t expect most of them to say anything about it.

We’re all familiar with how the left reacts to Islamic terrorists. We’re reminded that the actions of a few Muslims don’t represent the entire religion — a standard we’d love for liberals to apply to firearms. Or we’re told there are Christian terrorists too — like the ones who shoot up abortion clinics. Apparently to these liberals, there’s an equivalence between the crimes of ISIS and the eleven people that have been killed in anti-abortion related violence in our country’s entire history. Come to think of it, abortion doctors have the highest kill-to-death ratio on the planet.

One of the few liberals known for being politically incorrect, Bill Maher, slammed those on his panel last night who even tried to muster such a defense of Islam.

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The Blaze reports: The panel on “Real Time With Bill Maher” erupted Friday night after host Bill Maher asserted that there is something wrong with the religion of Islam and its followers when it comes to violent acts of extremism.

Maher suggested that instead of denying this, leaders like President Obama and other Democrats ought to follow British Prime Minister David Cameron as an example of someone who defends Western values against the dangerous ideologies that threaten Western civilization.

“It’s not just Muslims that shoot people!” retired Army Col. Lawrence Wilkerson said.

“Of course it’s not,” Maher conceded. “That is a false equivalency! C’mon, how many Muslim-inspired terrorist attacks have there been in the last 20-30 years, and how many Christian-inspired?”

“They are trying to get a nuclear weapon,” the host added, “and I don’t see any Christian groups trying to get a nuclear weapon.”

Maher conceded that bad things happen elsewhere, but noted that “you have to go where the preponderance of it (radical Islamic terrorism) is,” and acknowledge the overwhelming lack of liberal progress. And when Muslim nations still engage in “two-finger tests” for virginity, he said, it’s necessary to acknowledge the need to defend and preserve “liberal values.”

Maher blames the guns, too — but hey — at least the broken clock was right once yesterday.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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