Muslims call for cancellation of LGBT parade, OR ELSE…

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Mass public shootings often attract copycat shooters, and it appears some in the Muslim world have found themselves inspired by the recent massacre in Orlando.

We reported earlier this week that a Turkish newspaper reported on the Orlando massacre with the headline, “Death toll rises to 50 in a bar where perverted homosexuals go.”

So perhaps it’s not surprising that when an LGBT pride parade was planned in Turkey, the response was less than welcoming. One Muslim Youth Association threatened that the authorities must either call off the parade, or they will “perform their duties” against the gays.

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The Turkish Hurriyet Daily News reports:

One day after a group called the Anatolia Muslim Youth Association (MAG) called for an “intervention” against the “immoral” LGBT Pride March to be held on June 26 in Istanbul’s Taksim, the Alperen Hearths, an ultranationalist youth organization linked to the nationalist Great Union Party (BBP), threatened on June 14 to “take all risks necessary to stop the march.”

Vowing not to allow “immoral people to perform their fantasies,” the organization’s Istanbul provincial head, Kürşat Mican, told journalists that the Alperen Hearths vowed to give a “very clear and harsh response” if the state did not interfere.

“Dear state officials, who close your eyes and ears to this immorality and allow this, we are calling on you to perform your duties to stop this immorality. Otherwise the Alperen Hearths, who are the representatives of the people, will perform their duties on this soil, which was passed to us from our ancestors,” he added.

To no surprise, the parade has been suspended due to security concerns stemming from the religion of peace.

There aren’t very many Christians in Turkey — and there are zero Republicans. Who are liberals going to blame this one on?

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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