BOOM: Newt just dropped the REAL reason Bernie won’t drop out

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One of the great mysteries of the Democrat primary has been Bernie Sander’s reluctance to concede defeat. His followers were happy to entertain all sorts of conspiracies about Hillary’s super delegates, but certainly Bernie knew better.

Even if Bernie received all the remaining delegates, he’d still fall 402 short of securing the nomination. The odds are so bad for Bernie that those placing bets on the election are putting more money that Joe Biden will be the Democrat nominee than him. Yes – someone who isn’t even running for the Democrat nomination has better odds than he does.

So why does he remain in the race? As Western Journalism is reporting, Newt Gingrich thinks he has the answer: He says the reason why Sanders hasn’t conceded to Clinton is because she’s under “criminal investigation” by the FBI.

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Newt said on FOX and Friends “First of all, if I were Bernie and I think this is what he’s doing, why should he drop out before the FBI drops out?” Gingrich rhetorically asked. “As long as the FBI is in the game, he might as well stay around at least ’til the convention. I think that’s what he may do, ‘I’ll be a candidate all the way to the convention.’ Hillary has this huge headwind, that people know she’s dishonest…she can attack Donald Trump as a personality all she wants, you know she has no weapon comparable to what we’re learning about her.”

The White House admitted Thursday, despite what Clinton keeps contending, that the investigation into Clinton is indeed a criminal one.

Admittedly, I took Obama’s endorsement of Hillary as evidence that a FBI endorsement wouldn’t be in her future. For once I’m hoping Bernie knows something the rest of us don’t.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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