John Kerry just told Iran he wishes the U.S. had a leader more like WHOM?

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According to comments made (and later published by the Asrian news site), Iranian cleric, Ayatollah Alam al-Hoda, a senior member of Iran’s powerful Assembly of Experts (experts at getting the Obama administration to give away the farm for nothing in return?) said John Kerry, our head of the State Department, said he “wished the U.S. had a leader like Iran’s supreme leader,” as reported by the Free Beacon.

I’m not sure how much more like the supreme leader our commander-in-chief could get without actually becoming the supreme leader. Just think about it. Obama’s nuclear deal will purportedly allow Iran to keep enriching uranium for peaceful purposes — of course supreme leader number 1 also wants this. Obama’s deal will allow Iran to eventually have a nuclear weapon — supreme leader number 1 also wants this. The president is willing to remove all sanctions voted on by Congress — supreme leader number 1 is totally on board with that one. President Obama likes to chide Christians in public — I’m sure supreme leader number 1 is down with that. The president doesn’t seem to like the Prime Minister of Israel very much (considering he tried to sabotage Netanyahu’s election) and considering supreme leader number 1 is all about the destruction of Israel, there’s not a lot of daylight there either. See what I mean?

According to Ayatollah Alam al-Hoda, Obama is set on striking a deal with Iran by June. “Both Republicans and Democrats want these negotiations with Iran, but they fight each other for partisan interests,” he was quoted as saying. “Obama wants the negotiation to succeed so his party can win the next election and Republicans want to stop him.” I bet supreme leader number 1 is praying for another Democrat president too. Just look what he’s been able to accomplish in the last six years!

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It’s possible that John Kerry was just kidding though. Or maybe he was just trying to calm the other side of the table who, “according to Iranian newspapers’ multiple reports, have been screaming at Kerry behind closed doors.” Of course a senior administration official told the Washington Free Beacon that there wasn’t a “smidgeon” of truth to the claims.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s all going swimmingly.

“Saeed Ghasseminejad, (who doesn’t want our president to be more like Iran’s supreme leader), an Iranian dissident and fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), said U.S. overtures to Iran at the negotiating table have failed to win it any respect from the Islamic Republic’s leaders so any kind of comments like the one Kerry reportedly made won’t do anything to reverse their opinion.”

“President Obama thinks that by making more concessions he can gain the trust and respect of Iranian leaders,” Ghasseminejad said. “However, Iranian leaders neither trust him nor respect him.

“Seeing unprecedented weakness in the U.S. president, Iranian leaders do not fear the United States anymore. Partnership, trust, and alliance between the radical Islamist regime of Tehran and United States cannot and should not exist.”

In fact, I can’t think of any action taken by our government lately that will reverse Ayatollah Alam al-Hoda’s idea that The “U.S. and Israel have not been so weak anytime before” Alam al-Hoda also said cryptically, “all these events are being managed by the hidden Imam.”

The real question is, do we know who that is?

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