You’ve GOT to be kidding: Look what Iran just said to the rest of the world about nukes

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Standing before the assembly Monday, at the United Nations (that entity in New York that has provided almost no bang for our buck), Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Iavad Zarif lectured other countries and told them they need to dump all their plans to update or extend the shelf life of their atomic weapons. And there was the oh so predictable tirade against Israel, whom he labeled a “threat” to the region because they reportedly possess nuclear weapons — a fact which no one would even know for sure, had President Obama not decided to end a decades-long policy of keeping a lid on the information.

Zarif got to the real heart of the matter when, ” Speaking on behalf of the 120-nation Non-Aligned Movement, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told signatories to the 1970 nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) that there should be no limits on the transfer of nuclear technology and know-how to NPT signatories.” In other words, he wants his nuclear armed bubbas to be able to legally pass him all the ingredients for weapons and not have any blow back.

Let me get this straight; Zarif wants all the members of the NPT to disarm or down grade their programs, alleging that this is what they agreed to do as NPT members, but he then wants some of them to ignore the treaty when it comes to giving him the technology and material his country needs to start WWIII? He wants to have his yellow cake and eat it too!

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As the Jerusalem Post reports, “We call upon the nuclear-weapon states to immediately cease their plans to further invest in modernizing and extending the life span of their nuclear weapons and related facilities,” Zarif said at the start of a month-long review conference taking stock of the NPT, the world’s benchmark disarmament treaty.”

“Reductions in deployments and in operational status cannot substitute for irreversible cuts in, and the total elimination of, nuclear weapons,” Zarif said.”

“He added that Iran and the other 117 non-aligned nations that are parties to the NPT are “deeply concerned by military and security doctrines of the nuclear-weapon states as well as that of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization,” which he said permits the use, or threat of use, of atomic weapons.+

So, having sharpened its hypocrisy to a fine edge, Iran now wants all members of the NPT to disarm while Iran has its nuclear arms program — I mean its peaceful civilian arms program — on a fast track. Not only that, but Zarif is using the microphone at the UN, the organization to which his country gives the third finger salute on a weekly basis — to call for other countries’ disarmament. I love these guys!

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