Shocking statistic: Is this what happens when you repeal “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”

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In 2010, President Obama signed the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” in the military, allowing gay, lesbian and bisexual soldiers to serve openly in all branches of the armed forces.

Are there unintended consequences? Well, take a look at these statistics, and you decide.

As CNS News reports, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter told a group of ROTC cadets on Wednesday that last year, far more men (10,400) than women (8,500) “experienced unwanted sexual contact.

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Carter added that “too few” men reported the incidents as sexual assault.

So…based on these numbers, you get the impression sexual assaults against men in the military are on the rise. That’s not a good sign.

And one can infer what might happen as more and more women serve combat positions.

In fact, CNS reports “one of the female cadets asked Carter how opening combat positions to women squares with the military’s effort to end sexual assault.”

“Obviously, as we get women into more unaccustomed positions, maybe dangerous, isolated positions, maybe positions where they are fewer, in relation to the number of men, it opens up opportunities for predators,” Carter replied.

“So on the one hand, it can lead in that direction. On the other hand, I think it kind of signifies to — everyone will get used to working, men and women together, to defend the country and do these things.”

We shall see Secretary Carter, we shall see.
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