Egypt’s Morsi gets life: Here’s what the liberal media WILL NOT say about it

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Back in 2009, President Barack Obama gave a monumental speech in Cairo where he sought to create a bridge to establish better relations with the Islamic world.

There were two problems with that speech — it was overly conciliatory towards the Islamic world and Obama requested members of the infamous Islamist group, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), to be seated front and center. Not too long afterwards, the “Arab Spring” burst forth and the uprising spread to Egypt. President Obama interjected himself into the Egyptian political landscape and demanded that President Hosni Mubarak step down. The problem with that demand and the so-called push for “democratic” elections is that it would only benefit one group in Egypt: The Muslim Brotherhood.

I remember being on the House Armed Services Committee and receiving a briefing from a Pentagon official who was responsible for Middle East policy — focused on Egypt. He confided in the committee that the Muslim Brotherhood had given its word that it would not run candidates in the upcoming elections. When it came time for me to ask a question, I asked if he believed the MB. I also asked if he had read the MB charter and if anything had changed about that defining document. My point was that the MB was not to be trusted and furthermore, it was still the granddaddy of Islamic terrorist groups — as well as the group responsible for the assassination of peace and reform -minded Egyptian President Anwar Sadat.

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Nevertheless, the Obama administration was supportive of the MB running the democratic elections in Egypt knowing full well that the most organized political entity was the MB. And therefore, a former prisoner became the president of Egypt — an avowed MB member, Mohammed Morsi. And as we reported yesterday, MB heavyweights were welcomed with open arms by Hillary Clinton as well.

Morsi was praised by the Obama administration and received a congratulatory phone call — as well as military equipment support. And with that, the MB political leadership in Egypt did exactly what the MB advocated – attempted to establish sharia law. That initiative was met with great protest and angst in Tahrir Square and resulted in the deposing of Morsi by the guardian Egyptian military, led by General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, now the Egyptian President. The removal of Morsi drew the ire of the Obama administration – we’ve written about that on several occasions.

But it has been President al-Sisi who has defined the enemy as “Islamic” and the inherent problem with Islam to the clerics in a speech this past January.

It is President al-Sisi who has taken the fight to the MB as well as al-Qaida in the Sinai Peninsula.

It has been President al-Sisi who has cut off border crossings and support to Hamas — which is the Palestinian arm of the MB.

It was President al-Sisi who in coordination with the United Arab Emirates ran combat air operations against Islamist groups in Libya.

And it was President al-Sisi who, after Egyptian Coptic Christians were savagely beheaded by ISIS, launched his air force in retribution.

So I have to ask, how many times has current Egyptian President al-Sisi been invited to the White House by President Obama? Or how many times has Obama praised him?

Well, one thing is for certain, the one who Obama congratulated on being the Egyptian President is back where he belongs. In prison.

As reported by The Guardian, “Egypt’s former president Mohamed Morsi has been sentenced to 20 years in prison over the killing of demonstrators outside his palace in 2012, the first verdict to be issued against the country’s first freely elected leader. Morsi, who was elected president the year after Egypt’s 2011 revolution, was removed by the military in 2013 after an acrimonious year in office. Tuesday’s verdict stemmed from deaths during violent clashes between Muslim Brotherhood supporters and protesters who opposed Morsi in December 2012. The former president was convicted of inciting his supporters to use violence and detain and torture opposition demonstrators.”

But what does the left feel about this trial and sentencing? An example comes from Amnesty International, whose deputy director for the Middle East and north Africa, Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, said: “This verdict shatters any remaining illusion of independence and impartiality in Egypt’s criminal justice system … Convicting Mohamed Morsi despite fundamental flaws in the legal process and what seems to be at best flimsy evidence produced in court under a gag order, utterly undermines this verdict.”

I guess there’s a problem with understanding WHO the Muslim Brotherhood is — then again, it depends on what your definition of is, is. For whatever reason, it seems the progressive left just doesn’t understand what an Islamic terror group is — maybe they find some thread of commonality and kindred spirit? After all, President Obama did invite the MB front and center for his speech — there are countries in the Middle East, namely the UAE, who have designated the MB as a terrorist group. So where does an Islamic terrorist belong — well, if not in hell, jail is just fine — unless you’re President Obama who equates Islamic terrorists with a Bill Dance fishing show — “Catch and Release.”

Yeah, I know, Bush released some of those cheeky fellows as well — thanks to pressure from folks such as Dick Durbin – who just recently conflated the treatment of unlawful enemy combatants in GITMO with Nazi concentration camps, Soviet Gulags, and Camobodia’s barbaric genocidal Pol Pot. Durbin was forced to issue an apology.

Just so you know, I fully applaud the Egyptian people who rose up and supported deposing Mohammed Morsi — a slickly-dressed Islamic terrorist. I can just imagine what the Middle East would be with Morsi and the MB in charge in Egypt. I support the actions of then General al-Sisi who sought to protect his country from the dark veil of Islamism.

The world should be cheering the re-imprisonment of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood should be confronted wherever it exists — including here in America where we still haven’t designated it a terrorist group. The Egyptian people evidenced that they were not willing to surrender their freedom to the black hole that is militant Islam and return to some 7th century medieval governance.

Instead of being shunned by the Obama administration, the Egyptian people and President al-Sisi should be fully embraced — unless, could it be, the Obama administration preferred the Muslim Brotherhood and Mohammed Morsi?

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