4 signs Obama is the modern-day Nero

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During World War II, it wasn’t until the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps that the world came to know the savage barbarism of the SS and Hitler’s final solution. The pictures that were taken sought to educate the world of the heinous actions of the attempt to exterminate an entire race of people — just because they were Jewish. And sadly today, there are those who would deny history — the same folks with whom the Obama administration wants to enter into a nuclear “deal.” The difference between the Nazi savagery and that of ISIS is that we see ISIS in real time. Almost every week we’re exposed to the most barbaric behavior we’ve seen in centuries — sadly the world – and our president — does nothing.

The world is burning, and Obama is fiddling. Here are four signs that he’s a modern-day Nero (and remember folks, it’s only Tuesday):

1. His lame response to the latest ISIS slaughter
Of course as we commented yesterday, all Obama can provide in return is
words, just more words — at least in the case of King Abdullah of Jordan and President el-Sisi of Egypt they took immediate action — with little to no support from the United States.

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It is absurd that the official White House statement mentions the Islamic State killing these Christian men solely based on their faith — this is who ISIS is and this is what they have been doing and will continue to do!

Then again, perhaps we Christians should get off our “high horse” and remember these animals are upset about the Crusades. Furthermore, as stated by President Obama, “let me be clear, ISIS is not Islamic” — I am still trying to figure out if they are Presbyterian, Mennonite, or Lutheran.

2. His inability to make any real progress against militant Islam
I don’t give a doggone about building anyone’s nation. However, anywhere these jihadists are seeking sanctuary, they must be destroyed.

Where is the relentless pursuit of the enemy such as we saw in World War II? Has the new normal become dismissal, turning a blind eye, and believing that we can “coexist” with evil? Look, just pull the covers over your head and the sandman will go away. Is this the new American national security strategy? Have we become so neutered that the senior military leader just says, pay no attention, Ramadi is not symbolic — heck, I suppose it’s not even significant. It’s just ISIS and maybe they’ll get tired of all this killing.

And the false narrative about, going around nation building and starting another war is empty. We don’t need to build any nation. What we must do is drive the enemy out of any territory they seek to hold. And we have the capacity and wherewithal to do so — but we are decimating our own military capability, and the will is lacking. Sure, here come the liberal progressive rants about warmongering so, let me ask, how do you contend with Islamic terrorism — empathy? Oh yeah, I forgot, better jobs and opportunities.

3. Conveniently forgetting who let Libya fall to pieces
Of course I also find rather interesting that the liberal left is saying nothing about who went in and supported Islamists in Libya to kill Gaddafi in the first place. We still hear how ISIS is President Bush’s fault — but whose fault is it that we have Islamic terrorists running all over Libya?

Doggone, I forgot, it was the obscure fella who did the anti-Islam video. After all, it seems he’s the only one who has been punished by Obama for Benghazi. Oh, and where is that one guy that we picked up in Libya and blamed for the entire Benghazi terrorist attack?

4. Acting like any deal with Iran will stick
Is it prudent for the United States to seek a nuclear deal with Iran as we dispatch a Carrier Battle Group (CVBG) to intercept Iranian ships supplying Houthi rebels in Yemen? And do any of you believe that the Iranians will just sit back and allow our sailors to board their ships and search for weapons?

And do not forget, the Iranians were just conducting exercises in which they attacked a mock U.S. carrier and sunk it. Is this another of President Obama’s “red lines?” I am quite certain the Iranians have their orders and they do not include allowing themselves to be boarded — so what shall be done?

No, I’m not complaining, just telling the truth, which some care little for these days — but it can no longer be debated. President Obama is the modern-day Nero, fiddling while the world burns — as well as idly sitting by as Christians are being slaughtered.

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