ISIS recruit escapes with stories of unthinkable brutality

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Perhaps we simply fail to understand the ideology of militant Islam, as evidenced in groups like the Islamic state. Or perhaps the Obama administration actually completely understands the enemy but is reticent — perhaps complicit — in its proliferation? Either way, I continue to advocate for an information operation that undermines the ideology of Islamo-fascism and delegitimizes its propaganda.

I came across this piece in Asia News that I’d like to share.

As reported, “A young Tajik has managed to return home and tell how he was recruited by the militants of the Islamic State. The terrorists wanted to force him and his companions to kill children, women, Jews and Shiites. The government in Dushanbe has banned the pilgrimage to Mecca for citizens under the age of 35. The trips contribute to the spread of radical ideas among young people. They said: ‘You must kill children without compassion, you must kill women, Jews, infidels and Shiites.'”

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“This is the testimony of a young Tajik, recruited in Moscow by the militia of the Islamic State (IS) to fight in Syria and who managed to escape. The man fled to Turkey, and managed to return to his country of origin where he spoke to Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty about how the terrorists enticed him and other men through the internet: “There are websites that say: ‘This is the true path, the path of Allah’. But it wasn’t only that. We also heard lectures promising rewards from Allah if you become a martyr.” Once he had left Russia, the man only realized the consequences of his choice when he arrived in Turkey. He said that he and other comrades thought they were going to Syria to study, not to fight. The militiamen instead incited them to brutally kill anyone they saw, even women and children. Moreover if they died as martyrs then, their wives “would be married to other jihadists.”

This global effort must be thwarted and it will take all of us across Western civilization leveraging all our elements of national power to defeat this scourge — and that means our information systems.

There is a growing web of recruitment for the Islamic State, but we must get out the message of this young man who escaped. This is indeed an Islamic movement, a religious endeavor, and saying so does not create any hatred — it is already in existence.

This is not about jobs or opportunities for Islamic jihadists — obviously they have enough money to do this global recruiting and purchasing transport for these men and women who seek the “true path, the path of Allah.” Recently, the International Crisis Group (ICG) released a report in which it estimated that between two and four thousand citizens of Central Asian origin have joined Islamic extremists in Syria over the past three years.

However, there is one leader who is seeking to do something about this issue. “In December 2014, the Tajik President Emomali Rakhmon acknowledged that several young people had” joined the ranks of the militia in the Middle East and described IS as “a modern plague that poses a serious threat to global security.” Rakhmon added that Tajik citizens who join the terrorists’ cause are a “source of instability in society,” because they are recruited in the country through new forms of communication.”

“On April 13th, the Commission for Religious Affairs and Cultural Rights has decided to respond to the president’s appeal – who last month called on all authorities to promote the development of a secular society – and banned pilgrimages to Mecca (hajj) to those under 35. The Committee argues that the ban is a useful attempt to prevent the formation of radical ideas among young people. The Committee has also added a series of measures implemented by the government in Dushanbe to spread the principles of the secular state, in a country where Muslims are 97 percent of 8 million inhabitants. The authorities have already banned the use of the veil for female students, admission of children to mosques and forced thousands of students who were studying in Islamic schools abroad to return home.”

Now, you can imagine if someone were to recommend such actions in America they’d immediately be labeled as an “Islamophobe.” But in a country with a 97 percent Muslim population, something must be done to ensure an Islamic secular state exists — you can bet that Tajikistan President Rakhmon has a target on his back now. It was Kemal Ataturk’s goal to have Turkey be a secular Islamic state, but under the current leadership of Recip Erdogan that is hardly the direction in which Turkey is going.

Here is another leader following in the footsteps of Egyptian President al-Sisi who realizes that the problem in Islam is Islam — and the growing influence of its historically known militancy. Sadly, in Western civilization we still have individuals more concerned with political correctness. And a media more willing to blame others than the terrorists and jihadists themselves.

The Islamic State makes its case very clear and evident. The only ones recalcitrant and confused are us. I am quite sure the progressive socialists and trolls to this site will say that Allen West advocates banning travel to Mecca or something else to deflect from the real message of this post — the necessity to defeat the ideology of militant Islam and stem its spread. What I do advocate is crushing Islamo-fascism — something not being said by the person who currently occupies 1600 Pennsylvania. You don’t need to be president or seek to be president to advocate for the defeat of Islamic totalitarianism.

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