Israel’s Worst Nightmare: Look Who’s Selling Rockets to Iran

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One of Israel’s worst fears is coming true! Russia recently announced that it has chosen to sell Iran advanced S-300 surface-to-air missiles. This will re-ignite an $800 million agreement between Russia and Iran that began in 2007, but came to a halt due to strong objections from U.S. and Israel.

However, according to the Washington Post, Russians recently reported to U.S. news sources, “that sending the missile system to Iran wouldn’t jeopardize security in the region.”

I wonder which “region” they’re referring to, because it just so happens that these missiles will have long enough range to reach Israel. Also, Israeli officials have warned that Iran’s possession of them will wield dangerous consequences.

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What kind of consequences you ask?

Israeli officials warned years ago that if Iran were to secure these 200-kilometer range missiles, Iran would have “the capacity to hit planes in northern Israel.”

adds: “Putin is calling the world’s bluff. He is setting a deadline for Israel to make a fateful choice, and daring the Obama administration to intervene…Putin knows full well that he is triggering an Israeli countdown–and he has been happy to do so in the past. From his point of view, it makes little difference whether Iran or Syria actually use the weapons he is selling them, so long as their money is good and the two regimes remain somewhat dependent on Russian protection.”

This is serious. Russia is about to help militarize Iran to such a degree that will jeopardize the safety of Israel, and many are wondering whether or not the U.S. will intervene.

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