Horrific murders at sea – but Islamapologists don’t want me to report this

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I haven’t seen any of those “coexist” bumper stickers since I got to Texas – I’m quite sure they’re out there somewhere. Just recently the infamously termed “religion of peace” demonstrated its version of coexistence when Al Shabaab Islamic terrorists raided a Kenyan university demanding students recite a koranic verse. If unable, the students were deemed Christian and summarily executed — some 150 lost their lives right before the Easter weekend. We assessed that story here.

Of course, the typical Islamapologists will come out and try to turn spin this whole episode – the “they don’t represent Islam excuse” — of which many of us have become weary. If you say Christians are being persecuted worldwide you’ll be told it’s just hyperbole, but maybe we should ask the latest victims of Islam.

As reported by the UK Times, “The rubber dinghy carrying about 100 African migrants across the Mediterranean had started to deflate when one young Nigerian Christian started praying for his life. The Muslims on board insisted that “here we pray only to Allah,” according to one witness, and ordered him to stop. His refusal, and the desperate fight that ensued, left 12 Christians drowned after they were thrown overboard by their Muslim fellow refugees.”

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What manner of depraved savagery is this? Is this tolerance? Now, let me be very clear, if this story were about Christians throwing Muslims overboard who drowned, there would be a global outrage. But when this was brought up at the recent joint press conference of President Obama and the Italian Prime Minister — little to nothing was said by Obama. Contrast that with the vehement response of “the future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” speech at the United Nations. Or Obama’s reaction to a supposed video trailer being the impetus of an Islamic terrorist attack in Benghazi.

I am reminded of the barbaric killing of a wheelchair-confined American Jew named Leon Klinghoffer who was tossed into the Mediterranean Sea by Islamic terrorists from the cruise ship Achilles Lauro. But here was a Christian praying for his life and it was so offensive to these animals that they began to throw Christians into the sea.

How long will it be before here in America, Christians will be punished for open prayer? As a matter of fact, the infamous atheist group, the Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF), has set its sights on several college basketball teams with chaplains. They’ve issued a letter stating the must stop the practice. I shared with you the cease and desist letter FFRF sent to my alma mater, the University of Tennessee, to stop its tradition of prayer before home football games. Christians cannot pray in schools — but it seems that Muslim prayer time and foot washing stations are being implemented in public places — on taxpayer dollar.

I wonder how long before the National Day of Prayer is attacked by these leftist secular humanist groups? I’m the Honorary Chairman of the Congressional Prayer Caucus and can tell you of horrific stories the Executive Director Lea Carawan shares.

Maybe eyes are starting to open here in America. The Daily Beast writes about the tragedy in the Mediterranean, “When a young Christian man cried loudly asking God to not let the boat capsize, two Muslim men grabbed him by the neck and threw him overboard, according to witness accounts. Then, a group of Muslim men started throwing all who were praying with their hands clasped together overboard. Fifteen men were arrested when their rescue ship reached Palermo. The prosecutor there says they will face multiple counts of aggravated manslaughter.”

The charges should be first degree murder, this was premeditated and the intent was clear. The punishment for these beasts, these Islamists, should be the same fate to which they condemned those Christians, who were just petitioning God to save and protect them. I pray that these faithful who would not renounce their faith and stop praying have been met by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

In an interview with La Repubblica, one of the survivors said, “They seemed crazy, they were out of control. They just grabbed the boy and threw him in the water because he was praying. We tried to stop them but they killed many,” the witness said. “We made a human chain with all of our hands so they couldn’t push more people overboard.”

You see, when tolerance becomes a one-way street, it leads to cultural suicide. Now, shall we have a misconceived lesson in revisionist history and blame this all on the Crusades? Should I get off my “high horse” Mr. President? What does it take to make everyone with those insidious “coexist” bumper stickers realize how abjectly stupid they are?

Just this week an American woman working in Pakistan as a doctor was gunned down by Islamic terrorists affiliated with ISIS. This is not about jobs and opportunities. This is about religious belief and no amount of dismissal by Western “leaders” — and namely our own president will just make it all go away. Let me pose a simple question — how many of you pastors reading this missive will address this tomorrow in your sermons? Or will you just dismiss it as well and leave your flocks, which you are called to serve and protect helpless before the ravenous wolves of Islam?

The following I think gives an idea as to what the response will be. “Monsignor Giancarlo Perego, head of the Vatican’s Foundation for Migrants, warned that the incident may have just been a “moment of fury” and not an outright act of Christian persecution. “We need not to exaggerate the facts and turn this into religious hate,” he told reporters in Rome.”

Just the same as those who blamed the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo for their own brutal murders, here again we cower in fear so as to not upset Muslims — to hell with that.

I guess the right Monsignor Perego is too high-brow to understand that religious hate is why those Christians are at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. It is religious hate that has left Christian men, women, and children homeless, beheaded, and crucified. It was religious hate that slit the throats of twenty-one Egyptian Coptic Christian men in Libya. But according to this tool, we don’t need to “exaggerate the facts.” The fact is that an Ohio Muslim man trained in Syria with ISIS and his brother was fighting alongside of al-Qaida affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra. He returned to America focused on killing our U.S. men and women in uniform — that is not an exaggeration.

There is an open war on Christians whether it be from the Islamic jihadists or the secular humanist leftists — sorry, not turning any cheek, I’m gonna fight back. And on this Sunday, how many ministers will inspire their congregations to stand and fight back as well?

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