5 Ways Obama and Liberals Have Undermined America’s Legacy as a Beacon of Liberty

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Note: this article was published in its entirety in Townhall.

The American legacy has been that of a beacon of liberty and freedom — a leader, a standard-bearer. Ours is not a story of “leading from behind,” which we simple folk from the South would call “following.”

Sadly, we are in danger of losing this legacy, thanks to the policies and actions of the Obama administration and his liberal supporters. It is on the global stage where we find our legacy suffering the most, and here are five disheartening examples:

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1. We acquiesce to a terrorist-sponsoring Islamic regime that supports chants of “death to America” and do this while Iran holds four Americans hostage and continues to expand its regional belligerence – and express their obtuse disdain towards our country

2. We have secured defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq and allowed for the resurgence of the most savage and barbaric enemy. And amazingly, the new normal is not to take responsibility, but to seek blame elsewhere.

3. We have destabilized Libya which has become a sanctuary for Islamic terrorists who forced us to abandon our embassy and conducted attacks against the South Korean and Moroccan embassies.

And let us not forget the shameful new legacy of abandoning Americans to die and creating a false narrative, a lie, in order to cover for the nefarious and despicable action. No, we shall never forget Benghazi until the truth is uncovered.

4. We are now embracing Cuba, and its legacy as a ruthless repressive communist regime has not changed. Worse, Cuba harbors individuals who have blood, American blood, on their hands – yet our President reached out and shook the blood-stained hand of Raul Castro.

5. This weekend in Panama, President Obama stated that the Cold War had ended – but someone needs to tell Vladimir Putin. Russia just had fighter planes intercept an American RC-135 surveillance aircraft in international airspace. And Russia has decided to lift the ban on selling Iran the potent S-300 anti-aircraft weapon system.

The legacy of President Lincoln was to preserve the Union and defeat slavery. The legacy of President Kennedy was to challenge us to the greatness of putting a man on the moon. The legacy of President Reagan was economic restoration and the defeat of the “evil empire,” the Soviet Union. Their banners fly proudly.

The legacy of “fundamental transformation of America” flies no banners. It is not the legacy of victors. It is the legacy of losers.

America must have a leader willing to restore the legacy of this Constitutional Republic.

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