What Islamic militants did to this 9-yr-old girl solidifies my hate for them

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You know all the countless TV advertisements for animal abuse featuring Hollywood stars bemoaning their plight? Many times the personalities are female – I wonder how they feel about late-term abortion? That would be a topic for another day, but here’s something else I wonder if they ever consider.

As reported by the Toronto Star, “When they were torn from their families by Islamic State militants last summer, thousands of Yazidi girls and women were raped, tortured, forcibly married and enslaved. But after eight months in hell, some have struggled back to their surviving relatives in Iraqi Kurdistan: sick, broken, traumatized — and pregnant.”

“The youngest of these is 9, according to volunteers working in the refugee camps and abandoned buildings where they are sheltering. “This girl is so young she could die if she delivers a baby,” said Yousif Daoud, a Canadian-based aid worker who recently returned from the region. “Even a caesarian section is dangerous. The abuse she has suffered left her mentally and physically traumatized.”

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“This week Islamic State released more than 200 Yazidi captives, including 40 children. The others were mostly elderly, and all bore signs of abuse and neglect, according to a report from Associated Press. Up to 500 kidnapped girls and women had already found their way back to their devastated homeland in Kurdistan, where about 40,000 Yazidis were attacked and besieged in August 2014, as the militants made a lightning assault on a minority they condemn as heretics. Hundreds were killed, and some 4,000 girls and women are still believed to be captive.”

Now, I’m quite sure the Islamapologists out there will praise ISIS for releasing the captured Yazidis. But I just have to ask, when will these Hollywood stars produce ads condemning ISIS? We certainly don’t need another hashtag campaign– that didn’t do so well against Boko Haram. And we know that Islamic terrorist group is committing similar savage actions against the captured Christian girls — including using them as suicide bombers.

So where are the “Free Tibet” or “Free Darfur” type bumper stickers from the liberal progressive elites? Where are the anti-ISIS demonstrations on our college campuses — oops, I forgot, too busy condemning Israel and chanting “Free, free Palestine.” How easy is it for the progressive left to pick the “low hanging fruit” issues that require little intellectual rigor — certainly minimal courage and character.

And what ISIS — which is Islamic — is doing is rooted in Islam. I can just bet that statement is going to endear yours truly to the Council for American Islamic Relations and the other Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated stealth jihadists openly operating in America. But they know I’m dead right.

If anyone reads the Koran and the Hadith’s “traditions of Mohammed” you will find evidence – verses — supporting this barbaric behavior. As for the horrible traumatic rape of the 9-year-old girl, that’s part of Islamic tradition.

Mohammed’s favorite wife was Aisha and she was only 6 years old when the maniacal, murderous, sociopathic warlord took her as a bride. She was 9 years of age when their “marriage” was consummated. In the traditions of Islam, Mohammed is viewed as the embodiment of the perfect man — as well as his practices. In other words, his medieval and despicable actions — which are deemed as pedophilia today – are embraced by those following the strict doctrines of Islam.

And let me remind you that Turkey’s President — and President Obama’s declared friend — Recip Tayyip Erdogan chided the West stating that there is no such thing as “moderate” Islam and sees no need for a reformation…in his words, there is only Islam.

So when will the day come that someone in the West will stop playing “patty-cake” with these two-legged animals stuck on stupid in the 7th century?

In the case of this poor 9-year-old Yazidi girl, I firmly support her right to choose because she has been horribly violated. She has been brutally and repeatedly raped, and her life, which I pray can be saved mentally, is at risk.

If there is anyone who should be brought to the United States for medical treatment and the opportunity to start a new and better life, this young girl is a sure candidate — as opposed to the thousands of Syrian Muslims who are being fast-tracked to America — just like we did with the Somalis. Look how great this has turned out in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Yes, I believe refugees from this scourge should find respite — but what about those who are being targeted for annihilation — Christians and religious minorities such as the Yazidis? At a minimum we could reach out to the women who have been victims of this barbarism — which you just don’t hear much about here in America.

Who will be their voice? Who will take up this cause, which is far more serious than some of those ads we watch on TV?

The Star says, “The futures of those who return are dark in a community that highly values chastity and honour. The plight is worst for those pregnant after repeated sexual assault, as many as 200.

Although some Yazidi men have announced that they would marry women who return from the Islamic State, that is less likely if they are carrying their tormentors’ children. “Sending back those girls and women is a way of shaming the whole community,” said Daoud, who spoke under a pseudonym to avoid losing the trust of the secretive religious sect. That includes the children they are carrying against their will. The Yazidis, a close-knit, conservative minority with roots in several ancient religions, believe in the purity of their line. Many of the pregnant women seek abortions to avoid the stigma. But finding medical care is difficult for destitute displaced people, and some could not terminate pregnancies in time. Others have resorted to dangerous methods or committed suicide. “I don’t know what the future would be for their babies,” said Daoud. “The girls and women don’t want them. They have suffered so much they just want to forget.”

Yesterday Hillary Clinton announced that she — once again — wants to be president of the United States. Recently in a speech she implored, “don’t you just want to see a woman president?”

Nah, I just want to see a good president, one who does not lie, or believe she is above the rule of law. And certainly one who does not abandon Americans to die and then promulgates a false narrative to cover the truth.

I know Mrs. Clinton will be pushing the identity politics of wage equality and other “war on women” themes. But how many millions in contributions did her Clinton Foundation accept from Islamic countries that denigrate women?

Could Mrs. Clinton be a champion for the Christian and Yazidi women? It seems not. And when will our American, Western media tell these stories to these young girls who want to go and join with these demons? If we do not delegitimize and tell the story of what Mohammed stood for — as ISIS and others do today — we cannot defeat this virus.

Moms and dads who have daughters, just close your eyes and imagine your girls, your precious little ones, having their lives destroyed by a historic violent pestilence — and no one hears their hurt, their pain. As a father of two daughters I need no more reason to despise Islamic militants and jihadists.

And truly, these animals are deserving of abuse — where is the leader who will bring abject death and destruction upon them? There can be no quarter and reading this story just solidifies my hate for them — and anyone supporting, or dismissing.

Instead of CAIR and their cohorts, as well as the assembly of leftist progressives attacking me, let’s see if you openly comment and condemn this behavior. If not, you are no different.

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