Look what liberals did at these major universities…

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Within a month my oldest daughter Aubrey will be graduating from college, Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida — and she will be continuing her education at Southern Methodist University. This week we learned our youngest daughter Austen was accepted to Dallas Christian College. I must admit, one of my biggest concerns is the influence of radical progressive socialist ideology on our college and university campuses. While at NSU, Aubrey only had once instance that caused a visit from my wife Angela and I — and it was resolved positively.

However, there’s something happening on these campuses which is very disturbing — and I want to share a couple instances with you from this past week.

I love these folks over at Campus Reform because they are shining light on the insidious actions confronting our young Americans. If you’re looking for an organization to support, these folks do good!

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This first report comes from Ann Arbor Michigan (must admit, I’ve never been a fan of the Big Blue, but have a totally new-found respect for former Michigan QB and their new Head Coach Jim Harbaugh). “Football season is still months away, but already the University of Michigan’s coach Jim Harbaugh has his first victory—and it’s against the university. After the Big Ten school came under fire for cancelling—and then rescheduling—a screening of “American Sniper,” Harbaugh tweeted that the Michigan football team would be watching the film.” Check out Coach Harbaugh’s awesome twitter post:


Here’s the back story. “As reported by the Michigan Daily, U-M’s student newspaper, the screening was initially cancelled after Middle Eastern and North Africa (MENA) and Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) students signed onto a letter to the Center for Campus Involvement that claimed the Clint Eastwood film was anti-Muslim “Although we respect the right to freedom of speech, we believe that with this right comes responsibility: responsibility of action, intention, and outcome,” the letter read. “The movie ‘American Sniper’ not only tolerates but promotes anti-Muslim and anti-MENA rhetoric and sympathizes with a mass killer.” “The initial decision to cancel the movie was not consistent with the high value the University of Michigan places on freedom of expression and our respect for the right of students to make their own choices in such matters,” the university said in a statement.”

We brought you the story about the same thing occurring at the University of Missouri where a Muslim Brotherhood affiliated individual and organization demanded that “American Sniper” not be shown on the campus. How dare these people refer to an American hero as a “mass killer?” What the heck do they call ISIS? Where was their statement on their Islamic brethren Al Shabaab and their actions last week in Kenya executing some 150 Christian college students? I’m right there with Coach Harbaugh, and it’s time we start telling these Islamo-fascists and Islamapologists to “shove it where the sun don’t shine.” But folks, just be aware of this kind of foolishness happening on campuses.

And I can almost guarantee that if Coach Harbaugh hadn’t taken such a strong stance and leveraged his position as a famed UM alum and head football coach, this very liberal university would have not reversed its decision.

Now, I wish this was the only story to bring you but alas, there’s another, and yep, it comes from South Florida.

As Campus Reform reports, “Barry University has suspended a student reporter for her participation in a Project Veritas video that featured a university coordinator assisting in the creation of an ISIS club on campus. The student journalist, identified only as Laura, recorded her efforts trying to launch a “Sympathetic Students in Support of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria,” student group last week. This morning, she received an emailed notice from Maria Alvarez, the university’s associate vice president and dean of students, stating she had been suspended over allegations that her reporting violated the university’s Code of Conduct. “In response to complaints filed by members of the University community on Wednesday, April 3, and received by my office this morning, April 6, 2015, your alleged actions were the cause root of disruption of the University community and the creation of a hostile environment for members of the University staff,” the notice read. “Because these alleged actions violate Barry University’s Code of Conduct, effective immediately you are placed on Interim Suspension from Barry University.”

So let me get this right, Barry University, a Catholic university, is more concerned with punishing a distinguished Honors student. Yes, Laura is a senior majoring in communications, who was recently recognized as a Senior of Distinction by the Barry University Communications Department. But now, because Laura exposed a member of the Barry University administration, she has been suspended and is forbidden from visiting the Barry University campus or attending classes — which means her graduation is threatened.

“This is a personal attack on an honor student because they couldn’t defend the egregious actions of their staff members,” James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, told Campus Reform.

Barry University is punishing a young Honors student, a senior in Communications, because she did a great job as an investigative reporter and uncovered an administration official who had sympathies towards ISIS? Why is Barry University not suspending the administration official, who seems accepting of a savage and barbaric Islamic terrorist group which beheads and crucifies Christians?

Here are just two examples of the toxic environment in which our young Americans are being exposed to radical ideals. College and universities are supposed to be places of higher education, not indoctrination. I’m quite sure there will be some liberal progressive detractors who come online and make inane and disparaging comments towards Laura. I couldn’t care less. If the Barry University administrator had simply responded, “ISIS is a savage Islamic terrorist organization that doesn’t have any place on this earth” — well, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Instead of addressing the real problem, go after the student, typical, instill fear, intimidation, and coercion as a means to control and modify behavior while dismissing the real problem!

So hat tip to Coach Jim Harbaugh and Laura, y’all both earned a hearty, Steadfast and Loyal!

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