One thing media pundits won’t say about Walter Scott’s shooting

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You just have to wonder how long the media and black activists will try and milk this one in a case where the justice system clearly worked.

As reported by NBC News, “A white police officer in North Charleston, South Carolina, was charged with murder after a cellphone video was released of him fatally shooting a black father of four in the back following a traffic stop. The release of the footage — which shows Officer Michael Slager fired eight times at Walter Scott — was praised by the 50-year-old victim’s family, who during a news conference said: “All we wanted was the truth.”

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Walter Scott shooting from The Post and Courier on Vimeo.

“It looked like he was trying to kill a deer or something, running through the woods,” Scott’s father, Walter Scott Sr. said. Officer Slager, 33, was arrested earlier by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division and faces 30 years to life in prison or the death penalty if convicted, state officials said in a news release. He was being held without bond in the Charleston County Jail.”

So there will be no need for protests and Al Sharpton making a trip for some shrimp and grits. The justice system will bring Slager to trial and the evidence will speak for itself — funny how that happens.

However, does anyone reading this believe that it will end there? Does anyone believe that somehow there will be some instigation to stir up the local community? I’m just waiting for another Eric Holder initiated DoJ investigation into the entire North Charleston Police Department.

This is a sad and tragic incident and having watched the complete video I can say there is NO excuse for what the police officer did in shooting Scott in the back. Heck, if it was necessary to draw his weapon, shots into the air as warning could have been enough. There is no excuse to shoot an unarmed person in the back, especially when you had their vehicle and knew their identity. A simple description and apprehension would have sufficed.

But we don’t need any speeches about police re-training. This was the action of one bad cop. Nor is it a reflection on the entire force. And I’m quite sure the North Charleston Police Department is angry about this incident as well, along with the tarnishing of their reputation to “Serve and Protect.”

It’s not necessary for anyone to try and claim this for political advantage. There is no need for the insidious false narrative of “hands up don’t shoot” or rhetorical signage of “black lives matter.”

Let us take the time to offer our condolences to the family of Walter Scott and maybe what should be done is establish a scholarship fund for his four children to attain what is sorely needed in the black community: better education opportunities.

At this time we need to once again focus on correcting that which ails the black community: strong families and economic growth. It pains me to know that for no apparent reason, four children will not have a dad at the Thanksgiving table.

This is a time where we can turn this tragedy into triumph. It’s a time when we can turn the page and not proliferate a victim mentality but advance the spirit of victors. Let us not allow those who would impart racial divisiveness to continue to drive a wedge in America to find a gap to exploit. And let us not fuel the flames of the media who want to stretch out a story for their own ideological purposes.

I pray this tragedy can strengthen the bonds between the North Charleston law enforcement officers and the community they serve. I am 54 and the death of Walter Scott serves to remind me once again just how blessed I have been in life.

And all lives matter.

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