Three reasons why Harry Reid’s “exercise accident” excuse is bogus

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It always seemed a little bit fishy. How could “resistance bands” cause such serious and lingering injuries to Harry Reid’s eye and face?

I mean, it looked like he’d gone a few rounds in the ring with Mike Tyson. Even Rush Limbaugh commented that “Harry Reid looks like and is acting like — and now with this announcement, behaving like — somebody who may have been beaten up. Nobody… I’ve never seen anybody have an accident with an exercise machine that ends up suffering symptoms much like Harry Reid’s for as long as Harry Reid has.”

And maybe that sort of idea isn’t so far-fetched.

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Breitbart has uncovered some facts which seem pretty damning to Harry’s version of events.

If you’ll recall, on January 22, Reid gave his version:

“I know there are a lot of rumors as to what happened, but that’s very simple. My wife and I were in our new home. I was doing exercises that I’ve been doing for many years with those large rubber bands and, uh, one of them broke and spun me around and I crashed into these cabinets and injured my eye.”

But Breitbart analyzed the layout of Reid’s bathroom and determined:

1.The shower door in his master bathroom, as well as two of the other three sides of the shower itself, consists of a glass panel that extends from floor to ceiling and is not sturdy enough to be used as the anchor for an exercise band.

2. The distance from the shower door to the cabinets in the bathroom is at best a mere 3 feet, an insufficient width to conduct the type of resistance band exercises Reid says he was performing when one of the bands broke and he hit his head on the cabinet.

3. Even if Reid had attempted to conduct his exercises in this very narrow 3 feet passage, the force of the exercise would not have been sufficient to “spin him around” and crash him into the cabinets of the master bathroom, as he claims.

Ouch! Of course now the interesting question – which will probably never be answered – is who wanted ol’ Harry beaten up — and why?
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