RIDICULOUS: Liberal media goes after us over BBQ grills

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Well this shows you where the left’s priorities lie. A plane just fell out of the sky killing everyone on board. Yemen is aflame with Islamic jihad, and our Dear Leader is about to make a “strong verbal agreement” on nukes with the number one state sponsor of terrorism, who also has a habit of chanting “death to America.”

Yet what do they care about? The fact that we “overstated” the EPA’s interest in gas BBQ grills.

Last week we posted an article with the headline, “Insanity: two things the EPA wants to regulate in your life” which highlighted EPA-funded research being done about particulate emissions from grilling and the EPA’s plan to install devices in hotel showers to monitor guest water usage.

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Politifact says our headline was “pushing it” about the grills, because the “EPA does not regulate backyard barbecues and does not plan to in the future. Research conducted by the University of California Riverside is part of the People, Prosperity and the Planet (P3) program, which is a student design competition for sustainability.”

Look, if the EPA is funding a study on propane grill emissions as part of a student-designed competition for sustainability, it would seem to me they think it’s kind of a dandy idea.

Since the EPA has no problem banning my incandescent lightbulbs, and trying to figure out how to ban ammunition for Col. West’s new AR-15, it’s not too much of stretch to think the student-designed competition might give them cool ideas for ways to regulate your grilling habits.

And if the EPA finds out that a special tray to catch grease drippings and a “catalytic” filtration system will reduce air pollution, you wanna bet they won’t ban the production of older-style models?

But the real question is, don’t you guys at Politifact have anything better to do with your time than worry about what Allen West has to say about BBQ grills?

Considering the number of lies coming out of the White House on a fairly frequent basis, it seems you could set up an entire cottage industry looking at that.

Gee, how interesting. Having a look at your site, I don’t see ANYthing in there about “hands up, don’t shoot” and how that entire movement was built on a complete lie.

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