Disgusting: Liberal press rushes to portray deserter Bergdahl as a victim

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Eureka, it finally happened! The U.S. Army has stood its ground and not cowered in the face of pressure from the Obama administration — Bowe Bergdahl has been charged.

As reported by the Washington Post, “Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the U.S. soldier who slipped (deserted) away from his patrol base in Afghanistan in 2009 and was held in captivity (that is speculation) for five years, has been charged with desertion and misbehaving before the enemy, Army officials said Wednesday, setting the stage for emotionally charged court proceedings in coming months.”

“The charges were announced by the service at Fort Bragg, N.C., hours after the 28-year-old was handed a charge sheet, according to one of his attorneys. Bergdahl will next face a preliminary Article 32 hearing, which is frequently compared to a grand jury proceeding in civilian court.”

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Now, there is a debate as to whether or not this was a war, which means he could have faced the death penalty. The response has been there was no declaration of war against Afghanistan — of course not, we were fighting non-state, non-uniformed unlawful enemy combatants — the Taliban and al-Qaida.

The optics of a death penalty punishment is overkill, but I do agree with a life sentence. I believe that is completely warranted knowing that six members of the U.S. Army lost their lives searching for a deserter.

What I found interesting was the angle the Washington Post was attempting to take in the piece they wrote — the liberal progressive left has begun its campaign to make Bowe Bergdahl into a victim. Of course, talking an action to protect one’s men in combat or killing the enemy is viewed as horrific, disparaged and worthy of being castigated as war criminal — or a sentence of 20 years imprisonment like Army 1LT Clint Lorance.

The Post writes, “Bergdahl’s attorneys released a lengthy March 2 letter they wrote to Milley urging leniency in light of his time in captivity. They also released a statement to Milley from Bergdahl in which he described being chained to a bed, spread-eagle and blindfolded while being held by the Haqqani network, an insurgent group allied with the Taliban. He said he tried to escape about 12 times over the course of his captivity.”

There is one simple point missing: none of this would have happened if Bowe Bergdahl had not deserted his assigned duty post on his combat outpost.

But there is a greater concern. The five senior Taliban leaders — who basically comprised their general staff — will be free for release from their supposed “watch” in Qatar. Remember they were only to be “held” in that country which houses the leader of Hamas for one year — that year is up end of May.

Already we know that three of the five have been making contacts back with the Taliban seeking to reestablish themselves in that fight.

You just have to ask the simple question of President Obama — why did you break the law to release five enemy leaders for a known deserter?

What was there to be gained by the very over-the-top public display in the Rose Garden of the White House a year ago? Why would the National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, commend Bergdahl as someone who had served with ‘honor and distinction?” Well, because to the progressive left, walking away and turning your back on your fellow Soldiers and our nation is to be commended. He is a hero to the left.

Why the long delay? Because this embarrassment could not be tolerated for President Obama and his administration. Reports are that there were attempts to plea bargain and avoid this course — but Bergdahl’s defense refused. Why?

It’s simple, let’s assess how much coverage this story will get in the liberal progressive media. Let’s go out and do the “man on the street” interview and ask the American people, who is Bowe Bergdahl? The Bergdahl defense team will seek to make their case not before the U.S. Army — but rather the liberal progressive disciples, just as Bradley Manning became their celebrated cause. And now the Army is forced to provide hormone treatments because he won in the media.

The amount of coverage given to the case of Army 1LT Clint Lorance pales in comparison to the attention given to Bergdahl — a coward. And if that means the assigned trolls and liberal watchdogs want to criticize my selection of words — feel free.

This is a sad episode that our Army lost six warriors for a deserter. Six men who will never feel the warm of the sunrise against their face. Six men, sons, husbands, brothers who will never again sit at the Thanksgiving table.

I condemn anyone who will seek to make Bowe Bergdahl a victim. It is not the modus operandi of this Islamic jihadist enemy to “hold on” to our troops for five years. In all actuality, they don’t make it five hours if captured by the enemy — and notice the verb I used, “captured.”

Bergdahl was never a prisoner of war — and the abstentia promotion to sergeant should be revoked immediately since he has been charged — and he should be in pre-trial confinement, not free to walk about Ft. Sam Houston.

Remember how State Department spokesperson Marie Harf tried to discredit the members of his platoon? Expect more of the same from the “all hands on deck” call that is going out to the anti-war left acolytes.

We cannot allow this to slip out of sight. This must not just become part of a typical 72-hour news cycle, if that, for some. In two months, five savage barbarians will go free — what did we get?

A coward and a deserter — and we’re supposed to trust the same person who violated law for this deal to make a “deal” with Iran?

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