The scariest part of the ISIS hit list people are too afraid to mention

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Lots of things happened yesterday about which I could comment. Yes, I know, Senator Ted Cruz announced his run for the presidency of the United States. And Monday was also the fifth anniversary of the law that was framed by this insidious statement: “we have to pass the bill in order to know what is in it” — the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.

But there is something far more critical I wish to address. You may have already heard about it, but I’m quite sure you haven’t gotten the full perspective.

As reported by ABC News, “The personal information of 100 service members was posted on a website by a previously unknown group calling itself the “Islamic State Hacking Division” that urged “lone wolf” sympathizers to kill those named on the list.”

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“Several of the military service members whose personal information appears on a purported ISIS “hit list” said today they are unfazed by the online threat, as military officials continued the process of notifying individuals named on the list. ABC News is not identifying the three service members who provided reactions to their personal information appearing on the list.”

“This is just a way they are trying to intimidate us — and it’s not going to work,” said one service member. Another service member said it is not surprising that ISIS wants to hurt members of the U.S. military, though he was surprised that this group would be “brazen” enough to publish it. A third service member called the publishing of the list “regrettable” but said he had no concerns for himself or his family.”

But what is most frightening about this whole episode is that it reflects the declining status, regard and respect of America. What have we become when our enemy believes it is free to post a hit list of our men and women — and their families?

So what will we do to send a message to these non-state, non-uniform unlawful enemy combatants who seek to hide in the shadows, waiting for the moment to strike? I’m quite confident there are plenty of patriotic hackers who could trace and track these jihadi cyber-bullies down for pleasure of the hunt and ensure they meet their just reward. Fox News yesterday showed a chart that listed America as the number four nation for jihadist twitter activity. At what point will we begin to delegitimize and defeat this ideology?

The only good thing is that the information displayed wasn’t the result of any breach of Department of Defense firewall — but rather publicly available information.

ABC News says, “in the wake of the threat, U.S. Central Command posted a message on its Facebook page reminding its personnel to maintain “a heightened sense of vigilance whether dealing with work or home computer usage, specifically as it relates to Social Media.”

We recently reported to y’all the story of the past leader of the Muslim Student Organization — an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood — at the University of Missouri who wanted to ban the film “American Sniper” because she felt it was racist and caused her concern about her safety.

Now, I just wonder what this young lady has to say about this open threat from ISIS against our troops? Oh, I know, it happened because these Zionist-supporting crusaders were causing death to the ummah — so they are deserving of the threats. After all the prevailing belief is that Muslims are the victims and the jihad they wage is because of the affront being levied against them.

I’m advocating for the realization that for this enemy, there are no borders and boundaries, and our men and women in uniform are vulnerable, targets everywhere — as are all Americans, kaffirs or non-believers.

I just pray what happened to British soldier Lee Rigby will never happen in these United States. And we do need to have specified duty personnel designated to carry arms on our military installations.

It is absurd to me that we don’t allow our men and women to carry their assigned weapons on the installation – it’s not necessary for all, but should be based on a command leadership rotation of personnel. My worst nightmare is that some jihadists could infiltrate a military installation and go on a shooting spree in the family housing area — yes, more “workplace violence.” This isn’t a fear mongering stretch — Nidal Hasan already proved it could be done right in the center of the world’s largest military installation, Ft. Hood Texas — my final duty assignment.

Now, unless I’ve been very busy, I haven’t seen or heard of the commander-in-chief speaking out about this threat and hit-listing of our warriors. Maybe Obama is still too busy sulking over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s election victory. I can tell y’all simply, if this had happened under my leadership, no stone wound go unturned until we found the guilty parties. Then again, I wouldn’t have allowed Islamic terrorism to exist.

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