Susan Rice displays her incompetence with latest tweets

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Yesterday, the twittersphere was in tears over the death of Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe, based on a widely-circulated New York Times obituary.

The New York Times said, the “towering man of letters whose internationally acclaimed fiction helped to revive African literature and to rewrite the story of a continent that had long been told by Western voices.”

Susan Rice, our towering woman of diplomacy, offered her condolences. After all, Rice is former ambassador to the United Nations, a graduate of Stanford, Rhodes Scholar, and author of a prize-winning dissertation at Oxford on African affairs.

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So yesterday, she tweeted out two heart-felt messages.


The only problem is, Achebe has been DEAD for two years. Yes he died on March 23rd, but it was 2013, not 2015.


American Thinker notes her tweets were hastily deleted – but not before they were noticed.

The sad thing is, this woman is our National Security Advisor for goodness sake! You’d think she’d be a tad bit more up-to-date on current affairs and a tad bit more concerned about fact-checking. Oh wait, I forgot about that whole Benghazi video thing. Yeah, facts are so over-rated.

It’s not like Nigeria is some obscure nation. Nigeria is currently embroiled in conflict with Boko Haram, one of the most brutal Islamic jihadist armies whose savage attacks on women and girls even caught the attention of Michelle Obama.

#bringbackourgirls? How about #bringbacksomebrains?
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