Angela West: Message to everyone who says Ted Cruz is unelectable

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As you by now know, Ted Cruz is the first to declare he will run for the presidency.

Immediately, the foppish frequent “Morning Joe” guest Donny Deutsch explained why “he’s not worried about the Republican senator winning the election.” The theatrical commentator who once wore an ascot every morning stated “He’s good theater. That’s why he is Sarah Palin. And that’s who Sarah Palin was. And we love the show,” he went on.”

San Francisco Chronicle/SF Gate columnist Mark Morford declared through a “tweet” of course, that “Nation’s worst, dumbest senator to announce presidential bid at one of America’s worst, dumbest universities.”

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Ted Cruz, once described as having a very keen intellect by none other than Alan Dershowitz, is also a graduate of both Princeton and Harvard is also known for his intellectually flexible debating skills.

In contrast, Mark Morford is a “columnist and culture critic” for the San Francisco Chronicle and, he is known for his skill in writing about sex, sexual deviance and sexual culture. Oh, and Morford also teaches Vinyasa yoga classes in San Francisco. All of these accomplishments make him (Morford) uniquely qualified to refer to both an accomplished man (Ted Cruz) and a distinguished university (Liberty University) as “worst-dumbest.” I wonder if Morford also spent the night at the Holiday Inn Express?

But was it just the predictable screed from the left, NOPE! Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., called Cruz a “carnival barker” who “did not deserve to be elected to the Oval Office.” He even went so far as to tell CNN’s Wolf Blitzer he would “jump off a bridge if Cruz was nominated.“

People, especially politicians, shouldn’t make these types of demands upon themselves, even when they become “carried away” by being on television. HOWEVER, the Department of Transport owns, operates, and maintains 789 bridges and tunnels throughout New York, including the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg and Ed Koch Queensboro Bridges, 25 movable bridges, and five tunnels. People, especially political foes of Rep. King, might start expecting “action” should the nomination of Cruz occur.

Nevertheless, I would also like to take a look at a few other “unelectable” and “electable” candidates and how well they have fared in our election history:

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