Sean Penn makes idiotic comment about ISIS

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You can always tell when a struggling actor is seeking relevance, especially when it’s time for a new movie to debut. Because what they seem to consistently do is say something truly absurd — actually stupid — in order to become part of a conversation. Most of the time we fall for that ploy and do indeed discuss their stupid statements — but the movie still flops.

Such is the case with Sean Penn who has a new movie coming out called, “The Gunman” — and in keeping with the film’s premise, Penn just shot off his most lethal weapon, his mouth. Am I the only one who finds it hilarious — oxymoronic — that these progressive socialist entertainment elite actors portray tough guys? I could tell that the portrayals of Marcus Luttrell and Chris Kyle transformed their actors.

As reported by Breitbart, “Sean Penn had some harsh words for former President George W. Bush and former Vice President Dick Cheney during his Wednesday night appearance on Conan. “These are the guys, [Cheney] and President Bush and some others, who invented Daesh, or ISIS,” Penn told host Conan O’Brien, to rapturous audience applause.

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“They really are that which created it, so I wanted to give them a shout-out, thanks for that.” Penn didn’t hold back in going after Cheney, whom he called an “embittered bacteria of humanity.”

“It’s always a surprise to me to remember that, through bionic technology and so on, the guy’s still here,” Penn said. “But then we have people like Harvey Milk, who were beautiful, brilliant, impactful guys, and you know, it’s just, no good deed will go unpunished, and then you got the Cheneys,” Penn, who won a Best Actor Oscar in 2009 for his portrayal of Milk, continued. “This is just me musing.”

Nah Sean ol’ boy, you are just a-musing. You see, it’s rather perplexing that the people we pay to play make-believe sometimes actually believe they have an ability to make a coherent cogent statement or assessment. It’s interesting that Penn would praise Harvey Milk — and why not, since his portrayal got him a coveted Oscar? But take one guess what ISIS would think about gay politician Harvey Milk?

The entertainment liberal progressive elite will go to any lengths to protect its celebrity president, Barack Obama, including promulgating a complete falsehood.

Of course the truth to the crowd in which Sean Penn circulates runs from the truth like Bela Lugosi from sunlight.

Anyone with a functioning brain knows that al-Qaida in Iraq HAD been defeated, fled Iraq, and wanted nothing to do with our forces and the emboldened Sunni tribesmen. In those final three years, acts of violence and bombings were almost nil. However, within weeks after the complete withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, the first Baghdad bombing took place.

I can already hear you detractors saying that Obama only executed Bush’s timeline — one that was forced on him by a Democrat House and Senate, who in true traitorous fashion sought to undermine our men and women in Iraq even in light of their success. Kinda reminds me of the post-Tet offensive in the Vietnam War. All Obama had to do was support the commander on the ground, General Lloyd Austin — now CENTCOM CG — and leave the residual force in place. Nope, that wasn’t what Obama felt he was elected to do — after all he could just command the seas to stop rising — so ending wars was a simple feat.

The problem is, the enemy has a vote, and unless you’ve pummeled them into submission and attained a signed document of capitulation, empty campaign rhetoric is meaningless.

But therein lies a greater question: how does one truly defeat non-state, non-uniform unlawful enemy combatants? First of all, they’re not signatories to any conventional agreements such as Geneva. And unless we’re dumb enough to recognize them as an official “state” — as was done under the Clinton administration with the Taliban in Afghanistan – there’s no one with whom you can sign a document of capitulation.

As a matter of fact, the Taliban leadership just fled and sought out sanctuary from which to continue its fighting. And that’s why the inane and unconscionable (if not to say treasonous) decision by President Obama to release five senior leaders of the Taliban — the enemy — at a time when the enemy is still fighting our troops makes absolutely no sense. And to hear anyone try to make sense of this because Obama said combat operations were over is the sheer embodiment of insanity.

The real item to consider — not the stupidity of Sean Penn, whose movie will flop — is exactly how do we “degrade, defeat, and destroy” and enemy that walks among us?

Islamic terrorism and fascism is all around us — sure, there are some traditional nation-states embracing this ideology, like Iran, but mostly we’re talking about figures that operate and maneuver in the shadows.

And even as we do find those instances where Islamic terrorism occupies geographical space we cowardly retract from attacking and destroying it where it exists — as in Gaza with Hamas or Lebanon with Hezbollah.

So in combination with stupid statements such as Penn’s and incomprehensible ones such as those from Obama who blames the existence of GITMO as a terrorist recruiting tool — the global Islamic jihad flourishes in plain sight.

We don’t identify the enemy — and actually some get mad at others (like me) for daring to calling the enemy out. We blame others for the existence of the enemy, including ourselves. We make up excuses for their abhorrent, savage, and barbaric behavior — you know, we must empathize with the enemy and provide them better jobs and opportunities. And we believe that negotiations will bring about some atmosphere of peace and coexistence — even with the firm evidence that the Islamic terrorists are not changing their behavior.

I am just waiting for that moment — knowing it will never come — when Sean Penn or President Obama says one of these pure imbecilic type statements and the interviewer looks them in the eye and says, “you can’t be that stupid.”

Nope, it will never happen, first of all because these folks go before an audience that will reward these pronouncements with applause — kinda like “we are five days away from fundamentally transforming America.” In that case the venue should have gone completely silent. So as usual, Conan sat there like a mindless lemming and then asked Penn if “change” would come to Cuba. Like Penn is a foreign policy expert? Really?

ISIS took credit for the Tunisia attack and the bombings in Sanaa, Yemen which combined killed nearly 180. And after being in office over six years and referring to ISIS as a jayvee team, President Obama and his complicit disciples of disaster still persist in preaching a horribly false narrative — one that we will have to endure for almost 18 more months. Lots of damage can happen globally in 18 months…

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