Iran’s ayatollah wants the complete implementation of Islam in the West

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By the end of the month all estimations indicate there will be some “deal” made with the world’s number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism — Iran. Of course, the best way to get around that pesky little point is to just remove Iran from the terrorist list, along with its proxy army, Hezbollah.

Here we have an Islamic totalitarian regime that imprisons Christians, hangs homosexuals, and makes overt pronouncements against our best ally, Israel. As well, Iran holds four Americans prisoner and the first thing before beginning any talks should have been their immediate release. Now, as with Cuba, we are going to beg from a position of weakness, and give away everything to the mad mullahs and crazy clerics just so President Obama can say he did something — albeit the wrong something.

I was recently On The Record with Greta van Susteren discussing the three teenage girls who fled their homes in England to join up with ISIS. I told Greta that we must first and foremost tell the truth and defeat the enemy’s ideology. We must delegitimize their propaganda and rhetoric. Greta said I continue to repeat the same thing. And I will do so — as I told Greta — until it happens, and why is that so important. I’ll let the Grand Ayatollah Khamenei tell you in his own words.

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As reported by, “In a speech translated into English and posted on his official website, Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, told Iran’s “Assembly of Experts” last week that “our goal and main guideline should be to pursue Islam in its entirety.”

“What we understand from all Quranic teachings is that Islam commands Muslims to create a perfect and complete Islamic government,” said the Supreme Leader. “Islam wants the complete implementation of Islam.”

“The ayatollah also said Iran should use what he called “Islamophobia” and the “targeting of Islam” to reach out to youth throughout the world and “provide them with real Islam.” “We should make efforts. In the Islamic Republic, the great and important feat is that all of us–anyone at any level and with any capability in this regard–should make efforts to introduce original Islam, one that supports the oppressed and that opposes the oppressor,” said the ayatollah.”

“The youth who live in Europe, America and distant countries become excited about this kind of Islam.” Two paragraphs later, in explaining the “kind of Islam” he was talking about introducing to people, the ayatollah said: “We should introduce the Islam of mercy to the weak and the Islam of jihad and fighting against arrogant powers.” Khamenei delivered this speech on March 12.”

It is currently the top item posted on the homepage of his English-language website. (You can read it in its entirety here.) The ayatollah told the assembly that the promotion of Islamaphobia by Iran’s enemies had provided an opportunity to spread Iran’s vision to the West. “Now, under such circumstances, our goal and main guideline should be to pursue Islam in its entirety,” said the ayatollah.”

While we sit back and waffle over who this enemy is, they’ve wholeheartedly articulated their global jihadist information campaign. They will seek to promulgate their false narrative into Western civilization and will even use the language established by stealth jihadists enablers and “Islamapologists” – that of Islamophobia.

The intent is clear: portray Islam as some victim being attacked — which if you understand the phases of Islamic conquest (which we’ve discussed here), this is how it begins when Islam is in the minority.

They feel they are being persecuted and in response, justified for “jihad” and fighting against the arrogant powers. Remember the Charlie Hebdo killings in Paris? Yeah, I know, some of you need to be reminded.

Remember how outraged everyone was at the onset and the whole “I am Charlie” campaign? Kinda like the response to Boko Haram with #bringbackourgirls. How long was it before those in the West started to portray Islam and Muslims as the victims, and the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists as getting what they deserved? And when was the last massive rally in Paris against Islamic terrorism? How soon we forget, while the enemy is emboldened.

So Iran’s leaders have made it their “goal and main guideline to pursue Islam in its entirety” — those of us who’ve studied this centuries-old foe know exactly what that means. Others belonging to the “coexistence” crowd will spew the insidious rhetoric of “religion of peace.” Blah, blah, blah.

This is why we need to be supporting the ALAC legislation making its way to our state legislatures. ALAC stands for American Laws for American Courts. It’s a direct attempt to defeat any possibility of Islamic sharia law — Islam in its entirety — of gaining a foothold in our country.

Yeah, sure, the liberal progressives will say, heck, Jews and Christians have separate religious laws. But first, they don’t seek to challenge our Constitution. Second, when was the last time a Catholic, Mennonite, Mormon, Jew, Quaker, or Amish beheaded anyone, burned anyone alive, threw homosexuals off a rooftop, stoned a woman, or any of the many more savage and barbaric exploits we have come to know of “Islam in its entirety?”

Another good reason to support ALAC is because the major infiltrator group supporting stealth jihad in America is the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) — an unindicted co-conspirator in the nation’s largest terrorist funding case — and a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood. All of this is aligning and we are reticent in referring to the enemy in terms which they themselves use.

Ayatollah Khamenei has stated they will “reach out to youth throughout the world and provide them with real Islam” — so what is our response?

Give them nuclear weapons capability?

This is what a true American president would have done some time ago, and should do now — in primetime — stand before the American people and the world, holding the greatest pulpit in modern time and tell the truth about “Islam in its entirety.” Not the moral equivalency and religious relativism spoken by our President, Barack Obama, at the national prayer breakfast. Just one leader, no notes, no teleprompter. Give a recap of history — and not revisionist history — in order to defeat the information campaign being waged.

If we don’t give the youth of the West our story — then we will have more veterans from the U.S. military who want to join and fight for ISIS — as the recent episode with the former Air Force Airman showed.

Words are powerful — Khamenei understands that — and will leverage them against our children. So Mr. President, what say you in response to this speech by Khamenei?

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