EPIC response: Famous Disney star defends host who made Michelle Obama joke

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You might have heard about the hot water openly-gay Hispanic Univision host Rodner Figueroa landed in when he said Michelle Obama looked like “she’s from the cast of Planet of the Apes.”

He was summarily fired.

He made that comment when discussing a viral video made by a make-up artist who transformed himself into various female celebrities.

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Scroll down to see a screenshot from the video. Kind of creepy.


It’s racist to compare a black person to a simian bi-ped. Of course, not all animals are off limits. You can proudly be a black panther after all. You’ll be fast, but you won’t be as intelligent – but I guess that doesn’t matter.

However, black former Disney star, Raven-Symone didn’t find Figueroa’s comment racist. She just found it rude. But when she appeared on The View and had the gall to express that opinion, she was summarily rebuked.

Nonetheless, she didn’t back down!

From The Blaze, Raven said,

“Was he saying it racist-like? Because he said he voted for her later, and I don’t think he was saying it racist,” she said.

That set off Rosie Perez, who said the assertion that the comment wasn’t racist is like saying, “I’m not racist, but I have black friends.”

“I’m sorry, that is racist!” Perez added. However, Raven-Symone stuck to her guns and reiterated that she doesn’t believe Figueroa’s comments were meant to be racist.

“Michelle, don’t fire me from this right now, but some people look like animals. Is that rude? I look like a bird! So can I be mad if somebody calls me Toucan Sam?” the actress said.”

Sure, Figueroa’s comment was mean and inappropriate, but heck, the name of his show is “El Gordo y la Flaca” which basically translates to the fat guy and the skinny girl. Hey, THAT’S rude too! You can’t call anyone “fat” these days, right?

Should Figueroa have been fired if he said Michelle Obama has some junk in the trunk? Is that racist? Well, so does Kim Kardashian. So I guess it’s booty-ist.

We have become so hyper-sensitive about “race” in this nation that we cannot even have a rational discussion about civility.

Rush Limbaugh commented this week that if Kanye West recorded a song using the lyrics sung by the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity members in Oklahoma, it would be a hit.

I am personally offended by the use of the b-word and the w-word (usually spelled with two letters beginning with h) so prevalent in contemporary rap music.

Yet none of those artists are ever called out as being disrespectful towards women.

The double standards and faux outrage are reprehensible, and will forever keep us from moving ahead. But maybe that’s the whole point.

[Note: this article was written by Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief]

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