Message to PM Netanyahu: I’ve got a samurai sword and an AR-15, and I’ve got your six

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I’m writing this at 11:1 4pm Monday evening and I just got to my best friends’ house in Corinth. It was one of those days that was just, well, superb.

As you know I’m now living in Texas and there’s one thing I’ve always wanted to acquire. I love the spirit of the warrior and was presented with an authentic Samurai sword some months back. But on Monday I finally took the leap and got a Bushmaster AR-15, fully tricked out — and yes, I bought some green tip 5.56 ammo.

I cannot wait to head out to a nice Texas area outdoor range and do some long range shooting. That was the highlight of day.

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In the evening, I attended the Dallas Israel Bonds event with special guest speaker, President George W. Bush. Now coming from south Florida, I’m well attuned to the Jewish community. As a matter of fact, Angela and I sponsor a young IDF Soldier to college – it’s just the right thing to do.

The event Monday evening was the largest Israel Bonds event in U.S. history. Over 1,500 attended and nearly $60 million was raised for investment into the entrepreneurial spirit of our best ally in the Middle East, Israel. At a time when US/Israel relations are strained – they certainly are, when you consider the Senate is investigating the use of taxpayer funds by an anti-Netanyahu campaign funneled to the OneVoice group via the State Department. There can be no doubt that the American people understand the importance of the relationship between U.S. and Israel – but clearly that sentiment is not shared by the Obama administration.

As I am writing this, we are less than an hour from the opening of the polls in Israel. This is a critical election if we’re to have a solid bulwark against the growing threat of Islamic terrorism and its major state sponsor, Iran.

At the dinner event we listened to a very special message from Prime Minister Netanyahu thanking the gathered crowd for its resources to spur on economic growth and development in Israel – in the private sector. Netanyahu addressed the amazing phenomenon that is Israel and its expanding GDP growth surpassing some European nations — which are now chock full of anti-Semitism. Yet, with all the challenges and what seems to be an insurmountable security environment, Israel presses forward.

So here we are at this moment and as you read this piece, consider what Israel would be without a strong resolute leader such as Netanyahu. What message will be sent to the mad mullahs of Iran if Netanyahu is defeated?

What is behind the desire to promote and advance a slogan of “anyone but Netanyahu?” What is to be gained from that result? I want to recommit to my firm support and stance for the Jewish state of Israel.

It’s one thing to voice support, but how many would be willing to go the extra mile? My sincere love of Israel has nothing to do with politics — it has everything to do with the children’s Bible given to me as a little boy back in 1971 that now sits in our new home in Dallas. In that book I learned the stories of the Bible, the stories of the Jewish people. In that book I was first introduced to the saving grace of a Jewish man from Galilee — enabling me to have my Christian faith. In that book I developed a yearning for the day when I would be able to set foot in the Holy Land, touch the Sea of Galilee, and walk the path to Golgotha in Jerusalem.

From that children’s Bible I realized America will always be my physical home for which I took an oath to her Constitution to support and defend. But Israel is a spiritual homeland for which I would fight to preserve, not just for my Jewish brothers and sisters — but to ensure my daughters, Aubrey and Austen, are able to experience that breathtaking moment when I walked upon Masada.

Around my neck there is a singular dog tag and on the back is my favorite verse, Joshua Chapter 1, Verse 9, “Be strong and courageous for the Lord thy God shall not leave you nor forsake you.”

It was God’s message to a warrior leader, Joshua, who crossed the Jordan river and took the Jewish people into the land promised to them by God. It is the message I send to the Jewish people in Israel and here in America — even those who just have their heads up their fourth point of contact.

And I send that simple message of Joshua 1:9 to a former warrior and a leader, Israel’s Benyamin Netanyahu — an IDF Airborne Commando. I offer my congratulations on your impending victory in the election — unless President Barack Obama’s campaign operative cronies succeed, which I doubt.

And sir, if you are ever in need of a former airborne artilleryman — well, give the call. My sword and my weapon are at the ready!

Shalom, Steadfast and Loyal!

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